Partnering with Payoneer makes the payout process simple by ensuring merchant suppliers receive their funds quickly and seamlessly. This partnership will help us attract more merchant suppliers around the world and increase overall revenue.

Providing merchant suppliers worldwide with a fast, low-cost and compliant way to receive payments for their sales on Wish


Through Payoneer’s API, Wish seamlessly integrates payouts within its current business flow, enabling merchants to easily receive disbursements in local currency


Total monthly payout volume reached over $8 million within just 6 months with month-over-month growth of 90%


Wish, a top mobile social e-commerce application that offers consumers a highly personalized shopping experience, improves online merchandise discovery by helping users find the products they love, share these products with friends, score great prices, and unlock exclusive rewards.

Wish was launched in November 2011 and already has over tens of millions of registered users worldwide, making it one of the top 10 mobile applications in both the Android Shopping and iPhone Lifestyle categories. Using Google search level intent data, Wish optimizes the consumer shopping experience by effectively connecting users to sellers with relevant products.



Over the past three years, Wish has quickly grown to host more than tens of millions of users worldwide. With the growing number of international buyers and sellers, Wish needed a cost-efficient, easy and fast way to send payments globally. Moreover, with its unique global supply chain networks in countries around the world, Wish needed to provide its merchant suppliers with a compliant way to easily receive payments for their sales.

According to Wish, they are committed to their users across the world, providing amazing products at affordable prices. At the same time they are also committed to their international merchant suppliers, making it important for Wish to provide these suppliers with a quick, easy and compliant way to receive their funds no matter where they are in the world.



Payoneer facilitates payouts to Wish’s merchant suppliers globally through its cross-border payments platform. Through Payoneer’s API, Wish fully integrates payouts with its current business flow, enabling Wish merchant suppliers to choose Payoneer and instantly receive their payments directly to their online Payoneer accounts. On receipt of the funds, Payoneer provides them with multiple ways to withdraw their funds in their local currency, including to their local bank account or using the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® card. Moreover, Wish merchants who already use Payoneer can connect it to their Wish account by simply entering their Payoneer login credentials on the first occasion.

Wish aims to make the selling process as easy as possible for its merchant suppliers. Merchant suppliers simply upload their products, abide by the trading rules and guarantee good quality and on-time delivery. Wish’s partnering with Payoneer makes the payout process simple by ensuring merchant suppliers receive their funds quickly and seamlessly.



Payoneer now enables thousands of merchant suppliers on Wish to receive their payments through Payoneer’s flexible payment solutions. With a huge market of potential sellers in China, bridging the payments gap to the US. in a seller-friendly manner is mission critical to Wish. Through this partnership, Wish has attracted more merchant suppliers and increased its overall revenue. Payoneer’s multilingual customer support from its global offices, including important merchant languages like Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese provide merchant sellers with truly localized support.

The local events, Payoneer ambassadors and global community team continue to attract new merchant suppliers for Wish and support its growth in APAC. Wish’s total monthly payout volume has reached over $8 million and this number continues to grow at a ferocious pace.

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