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The all-in-one ecommerce payment solution

Get paid like a local, reach new markets, and grow your revenues. Manage multiple currencies on one platform and spend more time doing what you do best – selling online.

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The local global account

One Payoneer account is a gateway to multiple local receiving accounts. So, you can make and take payments globally and cost-effectively transfer funds between US dollar, British pound, Euro, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Singapore dollar, Hong Kong dollar, UAE Dirham, Chinese yuan, and Japanese yen.

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US dollar

Routing number and Account number

Japanese yen

Japanese yen

Australian dollar

BSB code and Account number



Hong Kong dollar

Routing number and Account number

Singapore dollar

Singapore dollar

Canadian dollar

Institution number, Transit number, Account number

British pound

UK sort code, Account number and IBAN


Bank name, IBAN

Everywhere you sell online, think Payoneer

Selling online shouldn’t mean you have to become an expert in international trade and banking. Here’s a few things you can leave in the safe hands of Payoneer: managing currencies, eliminating wire transfer costs, consolidating sales across marketplaces and platforms, getting paid, and paying for goods or services.

See what our platform can do

At Payoneer, we like to make life easier for our customers, so we designed your account to be clean, clear, and intuitive. This helps you view, report, and manage your cross-border payments efficiently. And more time to get back to your business priorities while Payoneer gives you peace of mind about payments.

Transact transparently

It’s easy to see all your transaction details and manage incoming and outgoing payments, withdrawals, account fees, and more.

Customize effortlessly

Filter your account view by transaction type and status. Print or export transactions for your records – to either Excel or PDF formats.

Report monthly

Generate a monthly activity statement. It shows you how healthy your cashflow is and details your incomings and outgoings.

Manage currencies
in minutes

Your money might come from lots of different places, but there’s a home for every pound, dollar, and yen in your Payoneer multi-currency account. Plus, our quick conversions mean you have the right currency, just when you need it.

Step 1 – Sign in

Sign in to your Payoneer account and go to
Withdraw & transfer > Convert currencies.

Step 2 – Select the currency

Enter the amount and both currencies you’re
converting to/from.

Step 3 – Verify and submit

Check you’re happy with any fees and the amount
you’ll receive in the new currency.

Get paid directly

Forget wire transfer costs and get paid like a local. With Payoneer, you can accept payments straight to your own local receiving accounts. Perfect for quick, easy, and direct payments to one consolidated account from companies and individuals all over the world.

Go global, get paid local

Local account details in key markets, like you have bank accounts worldwide.

Meet customers in their backyard

Give your customers a simple way to pay in a currency that suits them.

Bring more home

Increase your income when you say goodbye to wire transfer costs.

Join the fast
payment network

We always like to welcome new customers to the Payoneer family and with good reason. Payoneer-to-Payoneer payments are highly secure, completely free, and fast (all done in under two hours).

Pay another Payoneer account

Sign in and select Banking > Pay to a recipient’s Payoneer account.

Make business payments

You’ll be prompted to enter the recipient’s and payment details.

Convert your funds fast

All done in a few seconds and in the recipient’s Payoneer account in two hours.

Payoneer Checkout

Payoneer Checkout is your gateway to global online payment processing. The solution that provides you with a fast, easy and secure way to give your customers unforgettable buying experiences that build loyalty.

Maximize growth

As your growth partner, we’ll help you provide customers with a smooth checkout experience on web, mobile, and tablet, grow revenue with high global acceptance rates and improve cashflow with fast daily settlements.

Easily manage funds

Save time and money with full visibility
across your earnings when receiving all your webstore and marketplace earnings into one unified account, accept multiple currencies, then withdraw to your bank account and the Payoneer Commercial Mastercard® for easy spending, or pay suppliers and advertising costs.

Get localized support

Our friendly teams of experts are available to provide tailored 1:1 support in multiple languages to merchants, from a personalized onboarding to handling chargeback issues and protecting your assets with a dedicated fraud detection team.

Amazon Store Manager

If you’re an Amazon seller, it’s worth knowing that Payoneer can handle all Amazon marketplace payments through our Store Manager feature. In short, it aggregates all your Amazon income and activities in one easy-to-use interface.

Connect your stores

Set up new stores in minutes and get receiving accounts that are ready to accept and aggregate all your earnings.

Instant statements

See the big picture with access to bank account statements for all your Amazon store balance and across different currencies.

Export payment data

Download payment data and analyze trends. Quickly see which stores are generating the most revenue and filter results to drill down into the data.

Easy advice in your language

Managing international payments and currencies can cost your business money, time, and effort. Our international team is ready to assist in 22+ languages – we can offer the help and advice you need to help your multi-currency ecommerce business grow.

Get online support

How-to videos and guides

Payoneer Community

Made for multi-currency markets

Open a Payoneer account to instantly increase your global presence. To get started, tell us how you work and want to get paid, and we’ll take it from there.