Get more from your money

By adding funds from your bank account, you can turn your Payoneer account into an even more powerful tool for managing your business payments and expenses. 

Make your money work across borders 

Top up your Payoneer account with funds from your bank, and do more with it

Global payment made easy

Use your Payoneer account to easily pay suppliers, freelancers, contractors and consultants all over the world. Schedule payments in advance and make batch payments of up to 1000 transactions at a time.  

Multiple currencies at 
your fingertips 

Dollars, pounds, yen, euros and more — convert at competitive rates with no hassle. It’s the best way to get your hands on the currency you need, when you need it. 

Earn cashback on spending 

It literally pays to use your Payoneer card for expenses like subscriptions, advertising and supplies: eligible cards will earn cashback rewards directly into your Payoneer account when paying any business expense, without limitation.

How it works

  • From your account dashboard, click ‘add funds’ on any of your
    account balances 
  • You’ll make a secure payment via your bank 
  • Funds appear in your Payoneer balance
  • That’s it — you’ll be able to use your funds to make payments,
    convert currencies, or spend on your card
Why choose Payoneer?

See what other freelancers and businesses have to say about Payoneer and how it contributes to their success.

eliana barrionuevo header

Eliana Barrionuevo

Freelance Writer & Travel Blogger, Argentina

“What I love about Payoneer is the freedom I have to use it all over the world and the solution that fits my digital nomad lifestyle.”

lam nguyen

Chintan Thakkar And Rajat Lala


“With Payoneer we can offer multiple payment options like bank transfer, Credit Card, ACH transfer. This is key to our customer success and for driving a superior customer experience for our global clients.”

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