payoneer For startups

Grow your startup faster

When your startup grows, you need a fast, secure, and flexible way to send and receive payments, manage multiple currencies, and smooth out your cashflow. Payoneer’s payment solution for startups, does it all.

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Find a home on any platform

With Payoneer, you can handle incoming and outgoing payments – in bulk and virtually everywhere. One Payoneer account connects you seamlessly to more than 2,000 marketplaces, networks, and platforms – and more opportunities to grow.

As a startup, every client matters

Getting paid by your global clients should be easy no matter where they’re from. Requesting a payment with Payoneer takes only a few clicks and gives you the ability to track it every step of the way. Plus, your clients will love the flexible payment methods you can offer them.

Pick a payer

Go to Request a payment and pick
the client you want to bill – or add them
as a new payer.

Input invoice info

Enter the name of the payee, amount, currency, due date and a short description
of the services or products supplied.

Build your invoice

Design your invoice and send it through Payoneer as a PDF, or send the invoice
link from your own email.

Build up your startup

While you’re establishing your business, being a prompt and reliable payer is a rock-solid way to build trusted relationships and brand reputation. Whether you’re paying employees, suppliers, contractors, or tax authorities, it can all be done directly from your Payoneer account.

Send funds

Make direct transfers of your international business earnings to bank accounts.

Save time and
pay by Payoneer

Pay suppliers, contractors, and more for services. Save more time by paying in batches of up to 200 in one go.

Sort your VAT
and seller fees

Pay EU and UK VAT authorities
from your Payoneer account for free and save on costly conversion and transfer fees.

Fluent in
different currencies

Take advantage of fast
conversions with top exchange rates and zero hidden charges when you manage currencies.

Scale up your startup

As you grow your company and team, don’t let borders stand in your way. Easily pay your contractor fees, remote employee salaries, and other business expenses no matter what or where they are.

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Pay a Payoneer customer

You can transfer funds between Payoneer accounts in minutes

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Pay directly to bank accounts

Our banking network enables us to deliver your payments in 190+ countries.

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Pay all at once

We can grow with you. Send up to 200 transactions at once and save time with batch payments.

Sum up your startup

At Payoneer, we like to make life easier for our customers, so we designed your account to be clean, clear, and intuitive. At a glance, you get a consolidated view of and essential reporting on all your cross-border payments.

Transact transparently

It’s easy to see everything about
transactions and manage incoming and outgoing payments, withdrawals, account fees, and more.

Customize effortlessly

Filter your account view by transaction type and status. Print or export transactions for your records – to either Excel or PDF formats.

Report monthly

Generate a monthly activity statement. It shows you how healthy your cashflow is and details your incomings and outgoings.

Switch up your startup

Bring home the pounds, dollars, and yen into your multi-currency account. From there, you can quickly and transparently switch between different currency balances. So, you always have the right currency, just when you need it.


Step 1 – Sign in

Sign in to your Payoneer
account and go to
Activity > Manage currencies.


Step 2 – Select the currency

Enter the amount and
both currencies you’re converting


Step 3 – Verify and submit

Check you’re happy with any fees
and the amount you’ll receive in
the new currency.

Smarten up your startup

Opening a Payoneer account is a cinch (we’ve kept the paperwork to a minimum). Tell us a few details about your startup, and we’ll give you a better way to handle international payments.