Get paid globally for your IT services

With Payoneer, your payments are as borderless as your business. Get paid by international clients and pay your team wherever they’re based – easily and with low or no fees.

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Get the all-in-one account

Wherever you, your clients, your IT marketplace, or your contractors are based, Payoneer enables you to get paid and send payments like you’re a local. It’s secure, quick, and low cost. One consolidated account makes it easier to control cashflow, convert currencies, and handle all incoming and outgoing payments.

Where local meets global 

Your Payoneer account gives you multiple local receiving accounts in all the places you do business. So, you can make and accept payments from far and wide and cost-effectively transfer funds between currencies like the US dollar, British pound, Euro, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Singapore dollar, Hong Kong dollar, UAE dirham, Chinese yuan, and Japanese yen.

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Japanese yen
Australian dollar
Hong Kong dollar
Singapore dollar
Canadian dollar
British pound

Simplify cross-border payments

A Payoneer account is an essential cross-border payment tool for IT providers. You can manage your money like incoming and outgoing payments, billing and invoicing, card transactions, currency conversions, plus withdrawals from ATMs and to your local bank account.

When you receive payments with Payoneer, you can…

…bank like a local

Local receiving accounts act like local bank accounts. That makes it easy for international clients and marketplaces to pay you in major currencies – USD, EUR, GPB, JPY, AUD, CAD, HKD, CNH, AED, and SGD.

…simplify paying your people

Your business earnings are ready and waiting to be transferred to the Payoneer account or bank account of your team members, in just a few clicks.

…stay on top of payments

Request payments from clients around the world in minutes. Track your funds until they land, and enjoy cashflow transparency.

And with easy access to your earnings, you can…

…convert at low cost

Payoneer ensures you have the currencies you need for global payments. With transfers supported in 190+ countries and territories, competitive market rates and our low 0.5% transaction fee, you’re all set.

…pay at scale

Build a reputation for being a prompt payer. Your team of developers, designers, contractors, and suppliers will appreciate being paid on time. You can send up to 200 payments in a batch – directly to their local bank accounts.

…access funds anywhere

When it comes to getting paid, you can connect Payoneer to multiple bank accounts, globally and locally. Scheduling withdrawals automatically will help you save even more time and effort.

What IT outsourcing agencies say

There are huge opportunities for cross-border working which should never be limited by the geography of getting paid. Here’s what people say about Payoneer.

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Yaniv Nissim

CEO GoParrot

“I live in the US and pay developers in Central Eastern Europe. Payoneer is a very simple and convenient solution. It’s more economical and their team offers better service than other international payment solutions.”

Group 231038

Maksym Petruk

CEO We Soft You

“Payoneer allows me to receive payments from American, Australian or Canadian customers in just a few clicks as well as to pay contractors from other parts of the world.”

Cross-border connections

We can talk cross-border payments with you in 22+ languages. Our international team has answers and advice that help you navigate payments, globally and locally.

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All the fees are detailed here.

Credit/Debit card*ACH bank debit
(US only)
Local bank transferWire transfer (SWIFT)Payoneer balance
Fees (% of payment)3%1%USD: 1%
Other currencies: 0%

*MasterCard, Visa, American Express
***Extra fees can be charged by intermediary banks but are not known by Payoneer in advance
All the fees are detailed here

Credit/Debit CardACH bank debitLocal Bank TransferWire transfer (SWIFT)Payoneer balance
Can be used by (payment initiators)Individuals and Companies WorldwideIndividuals and Companies in the US onlyCompanies in the country of the receiving accountCompanies worldwidePayoneer account holders Worldwide
Credit/Debit CardACH bank debitLocal Bank TransferWire transfer (SWIFT)Payoneer balance
Payment received within (estimated)2 calendar days5 business days1-3 business days1-2 business days2 hours

Depending on your geographic location, you may automatically receive a US and UK receiving accounts. Receiving additional local receiving accounts depends on eligibility.