VAT payment solution with no fees

If you’re operating in Europe, Payoneer will simplify your VAT payments. Pay EU tax authorities directly from earnings in your account – and without fees.

Online VAT Payments

Pay VAT directly from your Payoneer balance to save time and money

What country do you need to pay VAT to?

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VAT Payment details

Enter details according to the VAT Confirmation you got from VAT authorities


VAT Amount (GBP)


VAT Registration number









Pay your VAT

Keeping it transparent

Unlike traditional VAT payment solutions, there are no extra costs with Payoneer. That means you skip the fee when you withdraw funds to your bank account and there’s no need to transfer funds into the currency required by a VAT authority.

Why pay VAT with Payoneer?

Save on fees

Save thousands annually on currency conversion and withdrawal fees by paying VAT obligations for FREE.

Stay organized

Payoneer lets you keep your VAT payment transaction history in the same place as the rest of your business payments, so you can see the big picture.

Track your payment

Track VAT payments so you know when the payment has been received and skip the guesswork.

How to pay VAT from your Payoneer account

Handing your EU VAT obligations is easy when you pay from your Payoneer earnings. Just follow these steps.

Sign in and go to the Pay VAT page in your Payoneer account

Select the country whose VAT authority needs to be paid.

Input the VAT amount, select which balance to pay from, and then review

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kusha raha

Kusha Raha

CEO & Founder of Host4Geeks

“We were losing money on charged and exchange fees when receiving payments to India and struggled finding a payment solution that works with all our clients across the world. I can summarize how Payoneer’s helped me in three words: simple, hassle-free, low cost. ”

anton klymyk

Anton Klymyk

Founder & CEO at Workogram

“With Payoneer, I can easily send payment requests to my clients to pay using their card, ACH bank debit or bank.”

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