Reduce marketplace risk and fraud

Payoneer protects your marketplace from risk and fraud with our world-class compliance platform. Our global experts offer full visibility into financial activities and KYC, helping to mitigate over 70% of marketplace fraud – and track it across multiple marketplaces.

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Protecting what matters most

With Payoneer, you have fraud experts on hand. They’re always looking out for your marketplace and helping you reduce fraud costs while ensuring you’re 100% compliant. All of which safeguards your most precious assets: trust and reputation.

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Preventing fake accounts

Upon registration, we verify all applicants by collecting proof of identity documentation from all account holders, as well as evidence of income and line of business once a seller reaches a specific earnings threshold, to prevent fraudsters from joining your platform.

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Uncovering related accounts

Imposters often use multiple accounts. Payoneer examines data connections, tracing paths between accounts to locate and prevent additional fraudulent activity and ensure future safety.

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Blocking repeat offenders

Whenever Payoneer closes an account for fraud, our rules automatically prevent the opening of related fraudulent accounts. All new accounts are cross-referenced with multiple data fields including bank account, IP address, personal computer print (PCP), and home address.

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Lowering risk of account takeovers (ATO)

Payoneer has extensive experience detecting and mitigating account takeovers. Due to our diligence, proprietary rules, and detection models, the Payoneer platform has a lower than industry average for ATOs.

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Expanding security across the industry

By flagging offenders and blocking them from opening accounts with any other Payoneer customer, we help prevent fraudsters from migrating from one service to another.

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Here for you 24/7

Payoneer takes payments security very seriously. Our risk and fraud department is open 24/7 to provide help and advice if you have any concerns about fraudulent activities.

It makes business sense

Offering expansive global experience with local infrastructure, see how we help improve go-to-market time, lower overheads, and reduce complexity in your business.

Continuous detection

We carry out detection through our adaptive, risk-based compliance platform and manual investigations, matched with third-party detection, verification, authentication and data enrichment tools.

Proprietary KYC platform

To prevent fraudsters from joining your platform, Payoneer reviews all applicants during the registration. We collect identity documentation, alongside evidence of income and line of business, if sellers reach a specific earnings threshold.

Comprehensive AML (anti-money laundering) program

This is tested quarterly (by Sightspan) and audited annually (by KPMG), along with many audits and reviews by global regulators and banks.

Tailored risk-based rule engines

We process all payments and applications with hundreds of configurable parameters to tailor risk-based programs to specific use cases.

Regulated and compliant globally

When you partner with Payoneer, you can be assured that all your transactions go through a fully compliant, secure and tightly audited payments platform that is recognized by financial regulators all over the world.



Registered MSB and prepaid access provider with Financial Crimes Enforcement & licenced Money Transmitter in all 51 US states and territories.



E-Money institution authorized by the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).



E-Money institution authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland, passported through EEA.


Hong Kong

Licenced Money Service Operator with the HK Customs and Excise Department.



Licences Money Service Operator with the Japan Customs and Excise Department.



Registered MSB with FINTRAC.



licenced by the Australian Securities & investment Commission to deal in non-cash payment products.



Licensed e-money issuer and authorized payment institution with the Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar Passports throughout the European Economic Area.



Online Payment Gateway Service Provider registered with the Reserve Bank of India

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