Boost efficiency with batch payments 

Save time and manual work by making batch payments of up to 1000 transactions at a time. 
The faster, cheaper way to make multiple global payments at once. 

*Not all services or features will be available to all customers at all times and Payoneer is not under any obligation to make any services or features available in any jurisdiction

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Recognize anyone?

Batch payments are at the core of our business. Here are just a few businesses who are already streamlining payment processes and smoothing out their cashflow with Payoneer.

Pay in multiple currencies 

Have a global team who all need paying in different currencies? Pay from any of your different balances to different currencies, all in one file. 

Use funds from your bank account 

Top up your Payoneer account balance with funds from your bank at any time to ensure you always have the balance available to make batch payments. 

Streamline your payment process

Forget laborious, manual payment processing and save valuable time. Make up to 1000 payments at once to your service providers, without having to fill in your payment details each time. 

Make up to 1000 payments at a time

Easily set up recurring payments 

The same fees and speed as one-off payments 

Track payments in your account dashboard 

Batch payments – step by step

Your business and cashflow are healthier when you’re on top of billing. With batch payments, it’s easier than ever to be super-efficient with payments.
Here’s how it works.

Sounds obvious, but simply select Pay > Batch payment.

From your account dashboard select Pay > Batch payment

This batch payment file is a CSV file for entering payment details – up to 1,000 per file.

Enter recipient email, amount, currency, and description. Save the file, then drag and drop or upload to Payoneer.

When ready, click Proceed, review the summary.

Click Pay to start processing the payments.

We listen and learn

People’s experiences help us improve Payoneer. And we value your feedback because it helps us introduce more features like batch payments.


Xiaohui “X” Wang

Founder at Essence of Email

“We use Payoneer to pay our remote staff of 30 employees who are located in Europe. Payoneer helped us decrease our workload by using an automated procedure every month, letting us pay all our employees in just a few clicks. ”

We support you every step of the way

Don’t get bogged down in rules and regulations for batch payments. We can talk about international payments in 22+ languages and we’re here to help you free your business from payment paperwork.

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