Save time with batch payments

As your business grows, so does the time spent sending payments. Start using our batch payments feature* and save yourself the extra time.

*only in the US, but we’re working on a global solution so stay tuned.

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Recognize anyone?

Batch payments are at the core of our business. Here are just a few businesses who are already streamlining payment processes and smoothing out their cashflow with Payoneer.

Do what you do… only better

Your focus should be on running your business, not international payments. Payoneer simplifies cross-border business for business owners in more than 190 countries.
And being able to process multiple payments at once with a batch payment solution saves you time and effort. It’s simple math: less admin + more value = a big win.

Batch payments – step by step

Your business and cashflow are healthier when you’re on top of billing. With batch payments, it’s easier than ever to be super-efficient with payments.
Here’s how it works.

Sounds obvious, but simply select Pay > Batch payment.

Enter your US bank account details so it appears in your list of payment methods.

This batch payment file is a CSV file for entering payment details – up to 150 per file.

Enter recipient email, amount, currency, and description. Save the file, then drag and drop or upload to Payoneer.

Select the bank account you would like to pay with and confirm account number for security.

NB batch payments only use ACH bank debit.

Choose who pays the fee – you the payer or your recipients.

NB if any of your payees live in the EU, all fees will be charged to all payments in the batch file.

We listen and learn

People’s experiences help us improve Payoneer. And we value your feedback because it helps us introduce more features like batch payments.


Xiaohui “X” Wang

Founder at Essence of Email

“We use Payoneer to pay our remote staff of 30 employees who are located in Europe. Payoneer helped us decrease our workload by using an automated procedure every month, letting us pay all our employees in just a few clicks. ”

We support you every step of the way

Don’t get bogged down in rules and regulations for batch payments. We can talk about international payments in 22+ languages and we’re here to help you free your business from payment paperwork.

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