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We empower thousands of Amazon sellers around the world to grow, get paid, and juggle cashflow. So, are your payment processes keeping up with the pace or keeping you up at night?

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Amazon and beyond

Payoneer works seamlessly with Amazon payouts. Beyond that, we connect with more than 2,000 other marketplaces. No matter which platform you focus on, we make it as easy as possible to get paid and keep more of what you earn. But for now, let’s get back to Amazon.

Why Amazon sellers choose Payoneer

As an Amazon seller, Payoneer gives you the option to receive earnings from all global Amazon marketplaces into your Payoneer account. Then, funds can be used to make payments to your suppliers and remote team. You can even convert funds between balances if that’s what your business needs. When you’re in need of local currency just, transfer earnings directly to your local bank account or use a card to spend locally or withdraw from ATMs.

Connecting Amazon and Payoneer

When you’ve signed up for Payoneer, you’ll have access to local receiving accounts through our platform. These will be in the currencies relevant to the Amazon stores that you’re receiving payments from. With that done, follow these steps to connect Amazon Seller Central to your Payoneer account.

Get your local bank details

Have ready your Payoneer local receiving account details. You’ll find these in your Payoneer account > Get paid > Receiving accounts.

Go to Amazon Seller Central

Select Settings > Account info.
In the Deposit Method section, choose
Add and select your home country.

Enter your bank location details

Select your Bank Location Country from the menu on the Deposit Method page. Now enter the local receiving account details matching your Amazon store location.

Get your earnings

When it’s time to withdraw funds from Amazon Seller Central, go to Activity >Withdraw > Bank Account.
All done and you should see payments
in your Payoneer account soon.

One more .com thing

If you sell on but are not a
US resident, Amazon will ask you for tax verification. Simply sign the displayed document stating that you are neither a
US citizen nor a US taxpayer.

Manage your money

Now you’ve connected Amazon Seller Central and Payoneer, you’re ready to get paid. You’ll be able to see upcoming payments and payment history. And when you’ve got your earnings from Amazon, here are some ways you can use them.

With a Payoneer account, you can quickly and cost-effectively transfer to your local bank account. Typically, our low fixed fee of 1.5 USD/GBP/EUR can work out to 70% less than the cost of traditional banking fees.

Get multiple currency balances depending on which Amazon marketplaces you sell on. Transfer your earnings between them with competitive rates so you’ve always got the currency you need. Our low 0.5% fee of the amount transferred means you’ll know exactly how much of the new currency you’re going to receive.

You can pay suppliers, VAT authorities, and for Amazon advertising services directly from your Payoneer account. And with a Payoneer Revenue Card, you can buy online or in store.

Amazon Store Manager

If you’re an Amazon seller, it’s worth knowing that Payoneer integrates with this marketplace through our Store Manager feature. In short, it aggregates all your Amazon income and activities in one easy-to-use interface.

Connect your stores

Set up new stores in minutes and get receiving accounts that are ready to accept and aggregate all your earnings.

Instant statements

See the big picture with access to bank account statements for all your Amazon store balance and across different currencies.

Export payment data

Download payment data and analyze trends. Quickly see which stores are generating the most revenue and filter results to drill down into the data.

What online sellers think

See what people are saying about Payoneer and how it helps them grow their business on the world’s leading marketplaces.

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Eliana Barrionuevo

Freelance Writer & Travel Blogger, Argentina

“What I love about Payoneer is that it gives me the freedom to use it all over the world, which fits my digital nomad lifestyle”

We speak Amazonian

For the average Amazon seller, international payments can be complex. Don’t worry, we speak your over 22 languages so we can answer your questions, offer advice, and help you make the most of Amazon, globally.

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