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Every business is different, and no two expenses are alike, but one thing that can always help is more funding. You already know what you need to grow your business, and we’re here to fund your vision. 

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Why choose
Capital Advance?

Sometimes it takes a financial boost to bring your business vision to life. For ecommerce sellers, freelancers, and SMBs of all sizes, Capital Advance can be that boost, offering up to 140% of your monthly volume (capped at 750,000 USD). 

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No credit checks, just fast capital

Funding is received based on the earnings history of your ecommerce store or small-medium sized business. As you get paid into your Payoneer account, your earnings will determine the amount of capital you’re eligible for. Earn more to receive bigger offers.

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Get your funds instantly

When you accept an offer, the funds hit your Payoneer account in minutes and you can withdraw them or make payments from your account with just a few clicks. No paperwork, no waiting for bank transfers – get your funds and seize your opportunities.

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Settle at your pace

When it comes to settling your offer, we collect a fixed percentage of your future earnings as they come into your Payoneer account. Flexible extra funding without the stress of a fixed repayment schedule so you can handle day-to-day expenses while investing in long term growth.

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One fee and zero surprises

Our fixed fee is collected along with the settlement amount, and you’ll always have full transparency. No more surprise fees, so your bank account can breathe as your business reaches new heights.

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Just start getting paid, we’ll
do the rest

The only way to access Payoneer’s Capital Advance is to sign up and start receiving payments with your Payoneer account! Once we’ve calculated your eligibility, we’ll start sending you funding offers for your business.


What businesses benefit from Capital Advance? 

Here are some more details about the businesses that Capital Advance can support.

Ecommerce sellers

Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and beyond. Offers for eligible marketplace sellers are available with settlement periods of up to 6 months and amounts up to 140% of your average monthly payout, capped at 750,000 USD or the equivalent in GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, and JPY. From inventory opportunities and seasonal staff to extra advertising during peak seasons, Capital Advance has you covered.

Small-medium sized businesses

Freelancers, marketing agencies, travel hosts, and any other business with a vision that needs funding could be eligible. Getting paid in USD with Payoneer is the first step towards working capital offers with settlement periods of up to 3 months and amounts up to 100% of your average monthly payments, capped at 80,000 USD. We’re here to help you and your business soar no matter what expense you need to handle.

Take the next steps

Ready to take the next step towards funding your business’ future? 


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Hear from our clients
Group 231038


Owner of Westend Toys

“For small growing eCommerce businesses like us, easy and cheap access to growth capital is essential to our success. Payoneer’s Capital Advance program is easy to understand, quick to get cash in your hand and offers very competitive rates. Their program has been a great asset to our company’s growth over the past two years, helping us acquire inventory and fund our growth without having to stress about raising capital!”

Group 231038


Owner of

““Payoneer is reinventing capital partnership by truly getting to know its customer and their business, revenue, profitability, and potential. With the help of Payoneer, my company grew 5400% in one year, and we’re thankful for the doors they opened and continue to open for us, as we aggressively build our team, and expand into new markets.”

Group 231038


Owner of Universal Product Solutions Limited

“Payoneer has stepped in to save the day for all growing Amazon sellers. We’ve received amazing working capital offers that have been delivered quickly, with fair settlement terms that are much easier on our business’ cash flow. When it comes to getting help growing your business of any size, Payoneer is the only choice!”

Frequently asked questions

Payoneer collects a fixed percentage (varies by offer) of your incoming payments until settlement is completed. In most cases, once an offer is settled in good standing, eligible users will receive new Capital Advance offers immediately.

The fee we charge for a Capital Advance is a flat percentage of the Capital Advance amount. Together, the fee and the working capital amount are called the settlement amount. All the settlement conditions can be reviewed before accepting the offer. It’s as simple as that – no surprises.

The amount of working capital offered to ecommerce sellers is based on the historical earnings of the associated Amazon, Walmart, or other marketplace store. The maximum we offer is 140% of your average monthly payout (capped at 750,000 USD or the equivalent in other available currencies).

The amount of working capital offered to freelancers and small-medium sizes businesses is based on the historical earnings of the associated USD receiving accounts, as well as predicted future payments. The maximum we offer is 100% of your average monthly payments (capped at 80,000 USD).

It’s a working capital solution for ecommerce sellers, freelancers, service providers, and other small-medium sized businesses. Currently, working capital for ecommerce is available in USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, and JPY. Working capital for freelancers and small-medium sized businesses is available in USD only.

You can also see our full Capital Advance FAQ here

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