Make smarter payments

Whether you’re paying contractors, suppliers, employees, or just handling your day-to-day expenses, Payoneer offers you multiple convenient ways to send money all over the globe.

Initiate payment

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3 ways to pay

If you’re using your Payoneer account exclusively to send cross-border payments, there are three ways to do. it. You can initiate single payments, schedule recurring payments, and send weekly/monthly batch payments to up to 150 recipients at once.

Payment methods Fee 
Credit cardfee of 3%
ACH bank debit (US only)fee of 1%
Direct bank payments (UK & EU)fee of 1%

Pay it your way 

When you’re ready to send a payment, navigate to Pay > Initiate a payment inside your Payoneer account, and then choose your payment method.

Send a single payment

Paying your contractors and supplier who have a Payoneer account is simple and cost-efficient.

Pay with ease

All you need to know is the email address associated with your recipient’s Payoneer account.

Gain extra flexibility

Choose your preferred payment method, how much to send, and add a short description.

Do it with a dashboard

Track all your payment activity so you can see your spending in a glance.

Send a recurring payment 

Does your US-based business pay the same invoices on a regular basis? Let us save you time and effort. 

Same supplier, new invoice

Choose the email address associated with your recipient’s Payoneer account and leave the rest to us.

Set it and forget it

Choose how much to send, a weekly or monthly interval, and gain payment peace of mind.

Fee transparency

Decide who pays the fee so there are no surprises on your bank statements.

Send a batch payment

Is your business based in the US? Pay all your contractors at once, using a batch payment of up to 150 transactions.

Check your recipients

Make sure all the bank accounts you wish to send payments too are already added to your Payoneer account.

Use our templates

We’ll provide a file that you can use to add the payment currencies and amounts, recipients, and descriptions.

We’ve got your back

Once your completed file is uploaded, our system will check it automatically to make sure there are no delays.

Paid in bulk, easily

If everything looks good, you’re ready to send up to 150 transactions in a single click, saving time and effort.

Let’s talk international trade 

Paying suppliers and contractors can be complex for any freelancer or business. So, we speak your language (22 languages and counting) and our international team is on hand with help and advice on how to navigate your payment world.

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