Payment reconciliation made simple with QuickBooks

Streamline your business’ accounting process by syncing your Payoneer account with your accounting software.

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Payoneer partners with QuickBooks Online to enable you to sync your accounts and simplify the way you (or your accounting manager) reconcile accounts receivable and accounts payable with your Payoneer transactions. The entire connection happens within your QuickBooks Online account, using the same process as other banks and payment platforms.

Check out the benefits

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Goodbye manual data entry

Your payments will be synced automatically so you’ll have more time to run the rest of your business. Nobody enjoys manually uploading data files anyway.

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Sync your Payoneer bank feed in minutes

Add your Payoneer payments to your bank feed with just a few clicks in your QuickBooks Online account to easily reconcile your transactions in one place.

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Single or multi-currency account synchronization

Set up individual bank feeds and keep your international earnings organized by currency so you always have a clear breakdown of your dollars, pounds, euros, and more.

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See everything in QuickBooks online

There is no need to access your Payoneer account to pull data and transactions, just use your credentials once to connect and let your accounting manager do the rest inside the accounting software.

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Enjoy the other perks of Payoneer

Creating your account enables you to get paid by international marketplaces and clients and send payments to your contractors and suppliers with automatic reconciliation.

Ready to get connected?

Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.

In the Bank accounts section on the home page, click Connect accounts.

Search for Payoneer and follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to Payoneer and connect your account.

Choose the Payoneer balances you want to connect to QuickBooks Online, the dates to display transactions from and click Connect.

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Accounting software affiliation program

Earn high commissions by promoting Payoneer’s fast, secure and low-cost solution to your clients who do business internationally and need to make and receive cross-border payments. Get paid for every new client who you refer to Payoneer while simplifying the way you handle your accounting.

Frequently asked questions

If you don’t see your question, check out the full accounting software integration FAQ.

Connecting your Payoneer account with QuickBooks Online is available worldwide.

Only transactions which are have the status of “Completed” will be synced. Pending or Canceled transactions will not be synced.

Go to QuickBooks Online and register to open an account.

  • Go to Bookkeeping > Transactions.
  • Click the Edit ✎ icon to the right of the bank name, then click Edit account info.
  • Check the box that says Disconnect this account on save.
  • Click Save and Close.

The multicurrency feature gives you the ability to record transactions in foreign currencies. If you have customers, vendors, or bank accounts that use a currency other than your local currency, you can turn on the multicurrency feature to properly track these transactions, as well as exchange rate gains and losses. Once you turn the multicurrency feature on you cannot turn it off again, so please be absolutely sure you want to turn it on. Please see a detailed guide here.

For any technical help regarding connecting your Payoneer account to QuickBooks Online, please contact QuickBooks Customer Support.

For any general information about this partnership, please contact us.