Our Global Collection Service empowers you to grow your business and work with international clients, without having to worry about how to get paid. You’ll receive collection bank account numbers in the US, EU and UK, which enable you to receive bank transfers from companies in these countries directly to your Payoneer account. Whether it is ACH transfers in the US or SEPA transfers in the EU, you are provided with the tools to do business globally as easily as you do locally.

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How it works


Eduardo Grude Co-Founder, GrudeWeb, LLC Venezuela
Takayuki Eiki CEO, Langrey Inc Ehime, Japan
Gabriel Carrivale CEO, Delery Agency Argentina & Ukraine
Mohamad Eldeeb Multimedia Freelancer Egypt
I can honestly say that Payoneer has changed my life! My biggest problem has been solved, and now I can withdraw money that I received online through the US Payment Service, without having to incur in any expenses, like depositing money to open such an account.
One of our major obstacles was receiving Amazon payments, as Amazon’s platform requires a US / EU bank account. Payoneer’s Global Collection Accounts solved these issues, as I can receive US / EU account details, and receive funds to my local bank account in Japan.
When we started working with clients directly, we began to use Payoneer’s USD and Euro collection services for receiving payments as easily as if we had a bank account right there.
First I used PayPal, but I changed to Payoneer because they offer more possibilities to collect payment, and their service fees are also lower.

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