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Introducing Payoneer Checkout
Introducing Payoneer Checkout

Designed with online sellers in mind, Payoneer Checkout is the reliable payment acceptance solution that makes it easy to expand globally, increase conversions and maximize revenue

Money in Money out. Make it flow better from end to end

Maximize growth 

As your growth partner, we’ll help you take your business to the next level with best-in-class technology combined and excellent settlement policies

Provide customers with a smooth checkout experience on web, mobile and tablet

Grow revenue with high global acceptance rates

Improve cashflow with faster daily settlements 

No set-up fees, maintenance fees or any other hidden fees

Pay only when you sell

Accept Visa & Mastercard® in 120+ currencies and pay 0% conversion fees on USD and EUR payments

No hidden fees*

Enjoy 100% transparent pricing and save money on conversion fees with no hidden surprises

Manage everything in one place 

Save time and money with full visibility of your earnings and enjoy end-to-end solutions for flexible use of your funds

Receive all your earnings across webstores and marketplaces into one unified account 

Gain insight into all your transactions from one dashboard

Enjoy E2E solutions Use your earnings to pay suppliers or advertising costs, withdraw to your local bank account, spend online using the Payoneer Mastercard and much more

Ready to streamline your checkout experience?

*The use of other Payoneer services may be subject to additional fees including set-up fees and maintenance fees

Localized support

Our support team provides merchants with tailored, 1:1 support

The complete onboarding experience - guiding you every step of the way

Localized support in native language

Localized support teams in native language

A dedicated team for handling all chargeback issues

A dedicated fraud detection team

A dedicated team for handling all chargeback issues

Simple, flexible integration

Choose from three simple integration types, with your own branded, personalized payment page and integration support

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Embedded iFrame

Embed the credit card detail fields in your UI, we will connect it from there

Hosted Payment Page (HPP)

We host the checkout for you, and redirect buyers back to your website after purchase

Platform Plugin

 Connect your store with few simple steps to D2C platforms (e.g. WooCommerce)

Secure to the core

All payments are protected and monitored by advanced intelligence risk engines. Our licensed, compliant, and globally regulated payments platform ensures your earnings are always secure


“We’ve found Payoneer Checkout to be fast and reliable. After the set-up and integration process, everything is straightforward and intuitive, with competitive rates. I highly recommend Payoneer for online sellers”


Founder of Tayda Electronics

Ready to streamline your checkout experience?

As the leading cross-border payment provider, Payoneer is uniquely positioned to provide best-in-class checkout services

Trusted by millions of online sellers worldwide to process their payments quickly and effectively

We prioritize sellers’ needs, providing dedicated support to ensure your payments are processed seamlessly. We’ll be with you every step of the way

We will help you manage your business end-to-end – from getting paid to managing expenses and business payments

Payoneer Checkout is currently accepting early applications for Hong Kong merchants. Submit your details now to join the waitlist.

Frequently asked questions

What is Payoneer Checkout?

The Payoneer Checkout payment acceptance solution allows merchants to accept online card payments from their customers easily and safely when they shop online for goods and services at their online stores.

Who can use Payoneer Checkout?

Checkout can be used by all types of online businesses. Payoneer Checkout makes it easy to grow your online business, whether you’re a service provider or sell digital goods/physical goods already, or a marketplace seller opening an independent web store. (Each merchant is subject to a full risk assessment.)

Note: Payoneer Checkout is currently accepting early applications for merchants with a Hong Kong legal entity.

What payment methods does Payoneer Checkout support?

Currently, VISA and Mastercard, with many more to come.

What shopping carts are integrated with Payoneer Checkout?

At present, SHOPLAZZA, Ueeshop, WooCommerce and Magento, with more coming soon.

Can I implement Payoneer Checkout on a self-built webstore?

Yes. Choose from two simple integration types — embedded iFrame or hosted payment page. We offer several plugins for websites which are built with a shopping cart – each one with its own branded, personalized payment page and local integration support.

How do I integrate Payoneer Checkout to my webstore?

We have detailed documentation for each method of integration.

What currencies can I use to withdraw to my account without converting?

You can receive money to your Payoneer Account in EUR or USD without any conversion fees. Any currency we process that is not EUR/USD will be converted to USD and charged 1.5% conversion fee.

*Any received amounts may be withdrawn from your Payoneer Account to your bank account in accordance with regular rates and fees applicable to your Payoneer Account including for withdrawals and currency conversation.

How do I access funds from Payoneer Checkout?

Within your Payoneer Account, you’ll see a new tab called ‘Checkout’. From there you can view all your store transactions.  You can manage your funds in the same way you would normally manage funds within your Payoneer Account. Withdraw to your bank account, pay other Payoneer accounts, or use your Payoneer Commercial Mastercard.

Where can developers access documentation?

Right here — see our detailed documentation.

How do I sign up?

To get started, fill in this form. see what you’ll need to supply to onboard here.