Ueeshop Integration for Payoneer Checkout

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What is Ueeshop?

Founded in 2007, Ueeshop supports SMB and Enterprise, B2B and B2C businesses in building their own eCommerce webstore via SaaS solutions. They focus heavily on cross-border selling and provide over 232 templates for building websites with online commerce capabilities. As well as online selling, they provide tools for pricing and promotion, SEO plugins and logistics support. In their own words, they were the “the first SaaS cross-border independent website building platform in China”.

Currently there are over 25,500+ Ueeshop users who process over 10 billion in volumes annually.

Who is Ueeshop for?

Ueeshop is for both SMBs and Enterprise. They serve B2B and B2C businesses, with editable templates, optional custom web-builds and courses for launching your own webstore, all with scalable pricing for each business size and no commission.

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What Is Payoneer Checkout?

Payoneer Checkout is an end-to-end payments processing solution built for small to medium business owners with ecommerce stores.

checkout for merchants

For merchants

It enables payment acceptance from PayPal, credit and debit cards in 120+ currencies around the world. By becoming a Payoneer customer, you also gain access to additional benefits such as localized support, favourable FX conversion fees, the ability to pay suppliers or quickly withdraw into your own local currency.

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For merchant’s customers

It provides an easy payment flow for them to purchase the products and services of their choice, through their preferred payment method and currency. The configurable look and feel of Checkout, also ensures that your payments page is always on brand and on point.

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ueeshop steps

The pre-built Ueeshop plugin is easy to install and manage.

The first step is to register for Payoneer Checkout. Once you have gone through our fast onboarding process, the next step will be to enable the plugin.

The Ueeshop plugin can be accessed through Collect Money. Go to Cards and add Payoneer.

Select integrating type, whether Hosted or Embedded.

Once the plugin is activated you can test transactions in a test or live environment to understand payment scenarios.

With all the pieces in place, your store is now ready to take on the world!

Why should you integrate Ueeshop with Payoneer Checkout?

There are many benefits to connecting your Ueeshop store with Payoneer Checkout. here are just some of the reasons why we’re the preferred choice for global SMBs.

  • Fast setup
  • Local customer support
    in your language
  • Fast daily settlements
  • Enhanced fraud prevention
  • No setup or maintenance fees
  • Higher acceptance rates
  • Increased cart conversions
  • Smooth checkout experience
  • Chargeback assistance
  • Transparent pricing

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Frequently asked questions

For any issues relating to the installation or configuration of the Checkout plugin, contact Ueeshop for support.

If you have any issues with transactions, contact your account manager or reach out to our Customer Support team.

he key difference is that WordPress is not an eCommerce provider and instead, out of the box, supports web content such as blogs, newspapers and databases and requires additional plugins to enable selling online. Conversely, Ueeshop is a dedicated SaaS solution for online stores that provides all of the features and functionalities merchants expect when setting up a webstore.

Where they are share similarities, is in the high customization of features and the ability to add-on extensions.

Ueeshop counts many dropshippers amongst its customer base such as Ninith CustomWM Blocks and many more.

Businesses big and small use Ueeshop, with the majority residing in the US and China. A list of companies using Ueeshop can be found here.

Ueeshop’s in-built batch upload function enables the fast presentation of products on your webstore. Their current userbase consists of businesses selling 1-99,999 products, globally.

Ueeshop currently supports 25,500+ merchants in providing products and services around the world. They offer dedicated servers for businesses and automatically route traffic to the fastest server around the world for periods of high traffic.