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How iOS devs get paid

Apple’s big slice of the app market is a huge opportunity for iOS and mobile app developers. Before you take a bite, Payoneer simplifies how you get paid and access your USD earnings.

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Apple for starters

Apple’s ecosystem is just one of many developer networks and marketplaces that connect directly to your Payoneer account with a local receiving account.

Bank like a local

Once you’re set up, just update your App Store Connect account with the details of your chosen local receiving account in the USA.

How to get paid using
App Store Connect

Once you have a Payoneer account, you can set up your App Store Connect account. Here’s how to link your local receiving account when Apple pays you in US dollars.

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This is where you manage content in the App Store.

In the Bank Info column, select Set Up.

Enter your local (USD) receiving account details – the number, holder’s name, type, and currency.

You will need to complete the necessary tax forms. Under U.S. Tax Forms, click Set Up.

Confirm the Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner – essentially that you’re entitled to receive the payments under this agreement.

What developers say

If you work as an iOS developer, it pays to connect to a Payoneer account. But don’t just take our word for it…

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Yaniv Nissim

CEO GoParrot

““I live in the US and pay developers in Central Eastern Europe. Payoneer is a very simple and convenient solution. It’s more economical and their team offers better service than other international payment solutions.”

Apple talk

Cross-border payments can be complex, but we speak your language. Our international team is available in 22+ languages to help you navigate the world of Apple, App Store Connect, and iOS.

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Apple and Payoneer

To choose Payoneer as a payment method for your iOS app work, you’ll need to get your account up and running first.