You’re so international

Every freelance business should be able to handle international payments in a fast, secure, and flexible way. For sending and receiving cross-border payments, a free Payoneer account does it all.

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Payoneer works here, there, and everywhere

With Payoneer, you can send and receive payments here, there, and everywhere – and in more than 22 currencies. One Payoneer account connects you seamlessly to freelance marketplaces, networks, and business platforms in over 190 countries.

Bill in seconds, save time

It’s ironic that billing and invoicing clients for the hours you’ve completed can eat up so much valuable time. Open a Payoneer account and you’ll have a super-efficient way to speedily create and send tax-compliant invoices as PDFs or links. And spending less time and effort to get paid is always a bonus.

Payment requests made easy

Request payments from clients and payers, directly from your Payoneer account. You’ll love how easy the invoice builder is to use, and your clients will love how easy it is to pay. A happy client is a returning client. Here’s how to build, preview, and send invoices using Request a Payment.

When you submit a payment request, your client receives the invoice and details on how to pay online, including credit/debit card (VISA, Mastercard, or American Express), ACH bank debit or local bank transfer. When they pay you, you also get a confirmation email. To help you keep track, all your previous invoices and payer details are stored in your Payoneer account.

Sign in or register

Set up your Payoneer account or sign
in if you already have an account with us.

For first timers only

If you’ve not yet requested a payment,
you’ll be asked to provide business and identity documents.

Pick your payer

Go to ‘Request a Payment’ and pick the
client you are invoicing – or add them as
a new payer.

Input key invoice info

Provide payer details like name (individual or organisation), payment amount, currency, due date and a description of the services or products supplied.

Build your invoice

Design and preview your invoice, then save and atttach it to an email direct from your Payoneer account. Or send a link to the invoice if you want it to come from your own email address.

Be more outgoing

The freelance life isn’t all about getting paid (we know it’s important). The other side of the story is what you can do with your Payoneer balances after funds land. There are more ways to pay than you might imagine – here are your options.

Withdraw funds locally

Bring it all home with a direct transfer of your international business earnings to your preferred local bank account.

A card for every currency

The Payoneer card is available in USD, GBP, EUR, and CAD giving you an easy way to access earnings online, in stores, and at ATMs.

Fluent in different currencies

Take advantage of fast conversions with top exchange rates and zero hidden charges when you manage currencies.

We speak freelance

Cross-border payments can be complex, but we speak your language. Our international team is available in 22+ languages to help you navigate your cross-border payments.

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