Fix your currency conversion headaches

How much time, money, and stress does it take to manage currency conversion? If it’s too much, Payoneer has the answer: let us handle it for you.


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Currency conversion, the Payoneer way

Our extensive global banking structure lets you hold funds in 30+ currencies and make payouts in 70 currencies globally, while offering you competitive rates, minimized fees, and total transparency at every step.


Converted funds will appear in your Payoneer balance in minutes.


You’ll pay conversion rates lower than the market.


There are no hidden fees or charges.

All in one place

Keeping all your transactions in one place eliminates unnecessary complications.

How it works

Paying your sellers in their preferred currency has never been easier. Payoneer Mass Payout is all you need to get started and take the hassle out of currency conversion.


Get real-time conversion rates and lock them in. Payoneer makes it easy to manage and switch currency balances with one account for them all.


Our Mass Payout platform is all you need to hold multiple currencies. So, there’s no need for a local bank account in a payee’s country or currency.


Mass payouts make your life easier and save you time. Pay up to 200 transactions in one batch and easily automate recurring and scheduled payments.

Our stats speak for us

Ask us to handle both your mass payouts and your currency conversions and you’ll win many times over. Our market-leading network covers over 190 countries and territories; wherever you want to expand, we’ll be there. We have local teams in place who can help you with KYC and onboarding support, thus saving you the trouble and associated risks of trying to understand all the local regulations in-house.


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Frequently asked questions

We currently support the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, JPY and CNH. In addition, conversion to CZK, PLN, RUB and VND is available for tax payment purposes (subject to availability). 
The list of supported currencies may change from time to time and differ from region to region. 

Note: At this time, we don’t support transferring to a balance whose currency is the same as your local currency. 

From the moment the request is submitted, funds are generally transferred to the receiving balance within minutes. 

In some cases it may take several hours for funds to appear in your balance. 

You cannot transfer more than you have in your balance. 

Some periodic limits may also apply. If any limit is exceeded, we’ll let you know before completing the request. 

There may be periods of time when certain currencies cannot be transferred, for example, when certain markets are closed. If you select a currency that is temporarily unavailable, a message will be displayed to let you know. 

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