Optimize your Payments Acceptance with a Single Payment Orchestration Platform for 100+ Currencies & 200 Countries

Our pioneering Payment Orchestration Platform helps you quickly scale, unify, and optimize your payment setup, regardless of market or region. Accepting payments globally has never been this simple!

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Wonder what a best-in-class payment orchestration solution looks like?

Achieve lower transaction costs, higher flexibility, and top-notch security for your business with Payoneer.

A platform designed to help your business succeed

Adapt to the market quickly

Easily scale your payment portfolio by picking & mixing the best-of-breed payment methods and providers. Enjoy rollouts to new markets and optimize your current market presence with exceptional speed.

Customize your payment journey

Deliver a best-in-class customer experience by providing your customers with their desired payment methods and smooth one-click payments. Make every payment a successful one and don’t let technical errors or expired credit cards stand in the way.

Integrate once for unlimited growth

Integrate our open single API just once and you’ll be able to manage complex payment integrations from one place. Reduce the strain of managing multiple integrations and backend processes across your payment setup with our best-of-breed payment methods and providers.

We prioritize scalability and security

Our Platform’s enterprise security exceeds common industry standards – we guarantee the highest data protection in compliance with PCI DSS Level 1 standards. Our Elastic Cloud Infrastructure stores and processes data with local cloud providers for minimal latency and maximum scalability.

Open Payment Ecosystem

Within a single platform, we connect merchants to the whole world of payment. We are proud to
have a strong, constantly growing payment ecosystem of leading payment methods and providers.

When we say Global, we mean it.

Our global banking and payment networks stretch around the world so we can support you and your customers no matter where they are. Here are the highlights:






Countries with Local Clearing


Countries with 2+ Banking Partners


Countries with 3+ Banking Partners


Funding Currencies

Our Customers

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We have solutions for all your payment needs

Mass Payouts

Collect Payments

Accounts Payable Automation

Tax Services for Customers/Payees

Fraud Prevention

Robust API Technology

Mass Payouts

Simplify the way you pay your customers/payees and get added value from our risk and fraud prevention services and more.

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Collect Payments

Use our API to debit consenting Payoneer users so they can easily use earnings to pay for additional services on your platform.

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Accounts Payable Automation

Save time and effort by streamlining your end-to-end accounts payable process while ensuring reliable and compliant cross-border payments.

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Tax Services for Customers/Payees

We can help your customers/payees file the right tax forms based on their earnings on your marketplace. They’ll appreciate the support.

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Fraud Prevention

Our compliance and risk procedures are best-in-class and you can leverage them to keep your business clean and safe.

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Robust API Technology

Flexible integration and scalability are right around the corner with a user friendly interface and a comprehensive set of functions.

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“Working with optile has allowed us to scale our online dating platforms faster by adding multiple payment methods for different regions through a single integration. optile continues to provide excellent support and is a valuable partner for our future growth.”

Liam CastagnaHead of Payments at insparx

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2020 Paladin Vendor Report

The Paladin Group and Retail Payments Global Consulting Group prepared materials on 32 companies providing payment service switch and gateway services. This section of the report contains a comprehensive overview of the optile payment orchestration platform.

PayoneerGO Ameicas – Orchestrating an Open Payments World (Webcast)

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