Payoneer’s Capital Advance is the ideal cash flow management solution for eCommerce merchants on Amazon and Walmart. We’ll extend a new offer based on your store’s recent sales, which you’ll pay gradually over time until the offer is fully settled.

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Up to 500,000 USD

Get funding up to 100% of the monthly volume of each of your stores, in USD or GBP

Settle over time

Payoneer collects 35% of your payments from that store until fully settled

Enjoy instant access

One click and the funds are in your Payoneer account

Avoid high fees

As low as 2.5% with no hidden costs


In just a few clicks you can!



Prepare for peak sales periods

Upgrade storage capabilities

Expand into new categories

Increase marketing

Expand to more countries & stores

Grow your team



    Receive new offers for online stores you manage through Payoneer


    One click and the funds are in your Payoneer account


    Over the coming months, Payoneer collects 35% of your payments from that store until fully settled

Watch how you settle your Capital Advance

* Eligibility requirements for Payoneer’s Capital Advance may apply

Currencies supported: USD and GBP

Currencies supported: USD and GBP


What is Payoneer Capital Advance for Amazon and Walmart sellers?

Capital Advance is Payoneer’s working capital solution for ecommerce sellers with Amazon and Walmart Stores. It provides them with a merchant cash advance on upcoming marketplace earnings.

When you accept a Capital Advance offer, Payoneer purchases a part of your future account receivables equivalent to the Capital Advance amount plus a fixed fee (the settlement amount).

The purchased account receivables will be collected by Payoneer gradually from your future marketplace earnings until settlement is complete.

What does it mean that Payoneer purchases my future receivables?

We purchase a portion of your future earnings, with no limitation to a specific marketplace or funding source, in return for immediate funding, and we collect the earnings we purchased as you get paid. Offers are associated with specific stores to make it easier for you to manage different funding sources.

Typically, we collect the purchased receivables from marketplace payments related to the store associated with the offer. In certain circumstances, we will collect from other funding sources as well.

How does Payoneer determine the amount of working capital offered via Capital Advance?

The amount of working capital offered to merchants is based on the historical sales performance of the associated Walmart and Amazon stores, as well as predicted future sales.

How often will I receive Capital Advance offers?

Once you are eligible to receive Capital Advance offers, you will receive them at regular intervals.

Once you accept a Capital Advance offer naming a specific store, you’ll only get another offer for that store once settlement for the first offer is complete.

What is the Capital Advance fee?

The fee we charge for a Capital Advance is a small, fixed percentage of the Capital Advance amount. The fee, along with the working capital amount, are together called the settlement amount.

You can see the exact fee in the list of offers on the Capital Advance page in your Payoneer account.

We have no hidden fees! Payoneer does not charge any additional fees for receiving a Capital Advance above that stated fee.

Amazon sellers – connect your stores to get lower fees

You will see two types of offers – premium and basic – depending on whether your stores are connected to Payoneer’s Store Manager. Premium offers feature our lowest fees, so we recommend connecting all your stores to Store Manager.

How does Payoneer collect the settlement amount (Capital Advance funds plus fixed fee)?

Starting from the settlement start date specified in the offer, Payoneer collects a portion (for example, 35%) of each marketplace payment you receive from the store associated with the Capital Advance; the remaining amount of the payment is available in your Payoneer account to use as needed to run your business. Collection continues until settlement is complete, that is until the full settlement amount is collected.

How long does it take to settle a Capital Advance?

Settlement starts from the settlement start date specified in the offer and collection is gradual, typically over the course of several months, depending on your marketplace payments.

How do I track the settlement of my Capital Advance?

You’ll receive an email when we deposit the Capital Advance in your Payoneer account and each time we collect a portion of a marketplace payment, including the final collection when the Capital Advance is fully settled.

In addition, every merchant can view all activity related to their Capital Advance in the Transactions page in their Payoneer account.

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