Sometimes it takes a little financial boost to seize more growth opportunities. Capital Advance can be that boost, offering up
to 80,000 USD in instant funding with no credit checks.



No credit checks

You’ll receive funding offers for up to 100% of your monthly incoming USD payments, based on your earning history. Skip the paperwork!

Up to 80,000 USD instantly

Once approved,* funds hit your Payoneer account in minutes and you can withdraw them or make payments directly with just a few clicks.

Always have the funds you need

Your settlement, along with our attractive, fixed fee, is collected as a fixed percentage of your future payments.

It’s so easy

Just get paid and get approved – then your first offer can be accepted in seconds with just a few clicks*.

*Eligiblity requirements for Payoneer’s Capital Advance apply, including a minimum usage period for your Payoneer account


  • Use your USD receiving account to get paid by clients and businesses

  • Wait to receive your first funding offer based on your earning history

  • Accept your offer to get your funds in minutes!


*Eligiblity requirements for Payoneer’s Capital Advance apply, including a minimum usage period for your Payoneer account


What is Payoneer’s Capital Advance?

It’s a working capital solution for ecommerce sellers, freelancers, service providers, and other small-medium sized businesses. Currently, working capital for businesses is available in USD only, with more currencies on the way.

How does Payoneer determine the amount of working capital offered via Capital Advance?

The amount of working capital offered to businesses is based on the historical earnings of the associated USD receiving accounts, as well as predicted future payments. The maximum we offer is up to 100% of your average monthly payments (capped at 80,000 USD).

What is the Capital Advance fee?

The fee we charge for a Capital Advance is a flat percentage of the Capital Advance amount. The fee, along with the working capital amount, are together called the settlement amount. All the settlement conditions can be reviewed before accepting the offer. It’s as simple as that – no surprises.

How does Payoneer collect the settlement amount?

Payoneer collects a fixed percentage (varies by offer) of your incoming payments until settlement is completed. In most cases, once an offer is settled in good standing, eligible users will receive new Capital Advance offers immediately.

You can also see our full Capital Advance FAQ here.

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