Quickly and conveniently transfer funds between different Payoneer balances to ensure that you have the currency you need for your global payments. We use the current mid-market rate and our low fee of 0.5% of the amount to transfer is automatically deducted so you’ll always know exactly how much money you’re going to receive.



Manage the currencies you need for your global payments easily from your Payoneer account.

Fast and easy

Transfer funds between balances in minutes.*

Low, fixed rate

No hidden surprises. Always know exactly how much money you’re going to receive.

* In some cases, it may take several hours for funds to appear in your balance. Services are subject to limitations and eligibility requirements.


  • Sign in to Payoneer and click "Activity > Manage Currencies"

  • Enter amount that you wish to transfer to see how much money you’ll receive

  • Submit request to transfer the money between your balances and receive your requested currency


Make in-network payments to your suppliers and service providers for free in their preferred currency

Make VAT payments

If your service provider uses the Pay with Payoneer API to debit your account, you can make sure to have a currency balance in the currency you’re being billed in