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The most flexible payment solution for wholesalers

Payoneer enables you to pay suppliers in 200+ countries while allowing your clients to pay you in their local currency or in USD via their preferred payment method.

Multiple ways to receive

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Local bank transfer
  • ACH bank debit
  • SWIFT (wire)
  • From Payoneer account

Hold multiple currencies

Multiple ways to use

  • Pay your suppliers
  • Pay expenses online and instore
  • Withdraw to bank or ATM

Building an effective global distribution network with Payoneer

Challenges: As a global wholesaler/distributor to retailers all over the world, we needed a payments solution to help us collect and manage a variety of local currencies, which could then be converted and withdrawn to a USD denominated bank account.

Solutions: Payoneer local receiving accounts enable me to get paid in different currencies, including HKD, AUD, EUR and USD, which I can then convert and withdraw to my USD bank account at a fixed fee. Furthermore, with Payoneer, I can process incoming payments, including wire transfers and credit card transfers with lower fees than Paypal. Lastly, the ability to integrate my Payoneer account with Xero online has greatly simplified how I manage my business’s accounting.

About Us

Golf Shafts Asia is a global wholesaler/distributor with entities in Malaysia, the US, Australia, Thailand. We sell to golf shops, clubfitters, green grass Pro Shops and PGA Golf Professionals in over 25 countries spanning six continents.

Why wholesalers choose Payoneer

Global reach

Receive and send payments in 200+ countries.


Accept payments in multiple currencies, choose how to use your funds.


Receive payments faster, as if you were paid locally.

Low fees

Save on FX and transfer costs, and pay suppliers free of charge.

Get Local Bank Account Details Worldwide

No need to open a foreign bank account to receive your payments from global clients.

Just share your Payoneer local receiving account details as if you were a local! Your clients can pay you in their local currency via bank transfer.

US dollar
US dollar

Routing number and Account number

Japanese yen
Japanese yen

Bank code, Branch code and Account number

Australian dollar
Australian dollar

BSB code and Account number


Bank code (SWIFT/BIC) and IBAN

Hong Kong dollar
Hong Kong dollar

Routing number and Account number

Singapore dollar
Singapore dollar

Bank code, Bank name and Account number

Canadian dollar
Canadian dollar

Institution number, Transit number and Account number

British pound
British pound

UK sort code, Account number and IBAN

Swift (wire)

Do your clients prefer to pay in USD?

Get your SWIFT code and enable your clients, wherever they are,
to pay you in USD via international wire transfer.

It’s easy for your client, and fees are much lower than at a traditional bank.

Pay contractors in their local currency

With our currency conversion services, you can convert 150+ currencies.

Convert funds in minutes

Ensure you always have the currencies needed for your global payments. Converted funds appear in your balance in minutes.

Save on costs, get full transparency

Funds are converted at applicable market rates while our 0.5% fee of the amount transferred is automatically deducted.

Convert funds to 150+ currencies

Get the currencies you need for your global payments.

Pay your suppliers globally

Pay your suppliers and business partners in 200+ countries efficiently in a few clicks from your Payoneer accounts.

Payments to bank accounts

Pay your suppliers via bank transfer and send up to 200 payments at one directly to your recipients’ bank account.

Payments to Payoneer accounts

Payments to Payoneer accounts are FREE OF CHARGE and made within 2 hours!

Access funds to a local or foreign bank account

Convert your funds at competitive exchange rates and withdraw your earnings in any country.

Add multiple bank accounts

Connect your Payoneer account to multiple bank accounts.

Schedule Withdrawals

Set monthly, weekly, or instant automatic withdrawal schedules.

Withdraw to your bank

Withdraw to your local bank account in over 150 countries and currencies.