Multi-Currency Payment Methods for BPO Services

Whether you’re a small 30-man team or a 500-seat company, Payoneer allows outsourcing companies like you to collect international payments in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, SGD and more via credit card, local bank transfer, wire and more!

You can easily transfer funds to your chosen bank account at competitive rates, and pay sub-contractors online with your existing Payoneer balance for free.

No need for you to have local entities. We solve all your payment needs.

Key features

Receive payments

Get Local Receiving Accounts

Get multiple currency accounts with local bank account details Read More

Offer Multiple Payment Methods

Accept & request payments via credit card, local bank transfer and more. Read More

Track Your Payments

Send payment links & get full transparency into when your payment will arrive. Read More

Use your funds

Convert Funds To Different Currencies

Ensure you have the currency you need for your payments. Read More

Make Business & Batch Payments

Pay your contractors, employees and partners to their Payoneer or bank accounts. Read More

Withdraw To Your Local Bank

Access your funds anytime in over 150 countries and currencies. Read More

Flexible ways to pay & get paid. Hold multiple currencies.

Business Payment Account

Flexible ways to pay & get paid. Hold multiple currencies.

Payment Platform

Payoneer makes it very easy for us to operate as a global company: we can pay team members wherever they are in the world and receive payments from clients in different currencies.

Beth VillonCo-founder, Athena


Payoneer allows outsourcing agencies & business process outsourcing (BPO) companies in the Philippines, India, Eastern Europe and other regions to receive, send, hold & withdraw payments in multiple currencies from international clients & marketplaces without the need of having local entities.

Why Outsourcing Companies & Agencies choose Payoneer Payment Platform

Global Reach

Receive and send payments in 200+ countries.


Receive payments faster, as if you were paid locally.


Accept payments in multiple currencies, choose how to use your funds.

Low Fees

Save on FX and transfer costs, and pay other Payoneer users FREE OF CHARGE.

Leading brands trust Payoneer with their global payments

A universal platform for universal growth

Local Receiving Accounts

Open multiple currency accounts in major currencies, get paid and withdraw through a single platform as easily as if you have a local bank account in these countries.

Receive payments in USD, EUR, GPB, JPY, AUD, CAD, HKD, SGD to your Payoneer account.

Connect to 100+ marketplaces like Upwork to receive payouts with Payoneer.

Get a SWIFT code to get paid in USD from any country in the world

Request Payments with Multiple Payment Options

Use a convenient billing solution with your international clients

Send payment requests to clients all over the world

All it takes is a few clicks and your payment request is on its way.

Offer Clients Multiple Payment Options

Offer your clients easy ways to pay you in the currency or payment method they want - credit or debit card, local bank transfer, ACH bank debit (US)

Make Business Payments

Pay your business partners, remote workers and expenses efficiently in a few clicks from your Payoneer account.

Payments To Bank Accounts

Pay your remote staff, sub contractors or virtual assistants via bank transfers in batch payments or recurring payments.

Payments To Payoneer Accounts

Payments to Payoneer accounts are FREE OF CHARGE and made within 2 hours!

Pay Saas tools, advertisers, online merchant and more

Make online payments to any vendor, merchant or expense from your Payoneer balance

Convert Funds To Different Currencies

Pay Contractors In Their Local Currency

With our currency-conversion services, you can spend & convert in up to 150+ currencies.

Convert Funds In Minutes

Ensure you always have the currencies needed for your global payments. Converted funds appear in your balance in minutes.

Save On Costs, Get Full Transparency

We use the applicable market rate and our low 0.5% fee of the amount transferred is automatically deducted so you always know exactly how much you’re going to receive.

Withdrawal to Your Local Bank

Withdraw to your local bank account in over 150 countries and currencies.

Access funds to a local or foreign currency account

Choose to convert your funds in your local currency at competitive exchange rates, or withdraw funds to any foreign currency account in any country.

Add Multiple Bank Accounts

Connect your Payoneer account to multiple bank accounts.

Schedule Withdrawals

Set monthly, weekly, or instant automatic withdrawal schedules.

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Track Your Payments

View Your Transactions

Easily view and manage your transactions, including incoming payments, outgoing payments, point-of-sale card transactions, ATM withdrawals and withdrawals to your bank account.

Get Paid On-time

Send payment requests in advance and reminders to receive payments on time.

Attach Invoices

Attach invoices, contracts, designs, and more, to your payment requests.

Payoneer allows me to receive payments from American, Australian or Canadian customers in just a few clicks as well as to pay contractors from other parts of the world.

Maksym Petruk, CEO We Soft You

I live in the US and pay developers in Central Eastern Europe. Payoneer is a very simple and convenient solution. It’s more economical and their team offers better service than other international payment solutions.

Yaniv Nissim, CEO GoParrot

With Payoneer I found the easiest way of getting pay globally, giving multiple payment options to my clients and then pay contractors and freelancers with just a few clicks and not having to go elsewhere signing paperwork.

Juan Perez, de Perez Software

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What payment methods are available to my clients and what are the fees?

Credit/Debit Card*ACH bank debitLocal bank transferWire transfer (SWIFT)Payoneer balance
Fees (% of payment)3%0-1%USD: 1%** Other currencies: 0%Free***Free

* MasterCard, Visa, American Express

** Free for Payoneer’s account holder (recipient) in Japan, India, South Korea, Thailand, UK and USA.

*** Extra fees can be charged by intermediary banks but are not known by Payoneer in advance

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Which international clients can pay me?

Credit/Debit Card1ACH bank debitLocal bank transferWire transfer (SWIFT)Payoneer balance
Can be used by (payment initiators)Individuals and Companies worldwideIndividuals and Companies in the US onlyCompanies in the country of the receiving account1Companies worldwidePayoneer account holders worldwide

* US company when the Payoneer’s account holder (recipient) has a local receiving account in the US, European company when the Payoneer’s account holder (recipient) has a local receiving account in Europe etc.

How fast are the payments?

Credit/Debit Card1ACH bank debitLocal bank transferWire transfer (SWIFT)Payoneer balance
Payment received within (estimated)2 calendar days5 business days1-3 business days1-2 business days2 hours
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Are there additional fees associated with the service I should be aware of?

All the fees are detailed here.

Do I automatically receive local receiving accounts?

Depending on your geographic location, you may automatically receive a US and UK receiving accounts. Receiving additional local receiving accounts depends on eligibility.

Do my clients need to open a Payoneer account to pay me?

Your client can easily pay you via bank transfer to your local receiving accounts without opening a Payoneer account. Just send them your receiving account details and ask them to pay you locally from their online business account!

If your clients choose to pay you via credit card or ACH bank debit, you can send them a unique payment link and they can easily pay you through our secure payments portal where they will be requested to open a Payer only account in a few clicks (save email & assign a password).

Can I pay multiple sub-contractors or vendors easily?

Yes, you can use our Batch Payments feature to pay up to 200+ payees in one simple file.