Payoneer is far more than a payment provider for your business. Millions of professionals and businesses of all sizes use Payoneer to receive all their cross-border payments. By offering Payoneer as your payout method, you will be able to tap into this community and introduce them to your business.


Payoneer works with leading companies and marketplaces in the following industries:


Payoneer supports payments to 200 countries in 150 currencies, making it the preferred payment provider for millions of sellers, freelancers, online marketers and companies all over the world who are selling their products and services internationally. Our wide global reach allows you to expand your offering into new geographies – especially in fast-growth emerging markets – that until now were too difficult or expensive to reach.


Payoneer’s experienced community teams manage our professional and localized multi-lingual blog with hundreds of thousands of exposures on a monthly basis, as well as Payoneer’s online forum and social media channels. When offering Payoneer as payment method, you will get exposure to this community as we educate them on how the new relationship can help them grow their business. You will later get the opportunity to contribute your own content, organize joint webinars and more, putting your brand in front of tens of thousands of very relevant potential customers.


Through the Payoneer Ambassador Program we connect on a more personal level to our customers in 12 countries, through local events, meetups and conferences in addition to more intimate gatherings for the most highly successful business owners. Our flagship event, the Payoneer Forum, has already made its way through Asia, Europe, Middle East and Latin America to dozens of cities worldwide, with the goal of sharing knowledge, creating networking opportunities and listening to the voice of our customers, wherever they are in the world.

The Payoneer Forum offers great opportunities for you to have speaking and sponsorship opportunities among influential and leading business owners.

Here’s a sneak peak into The Payoneer Forum in Shenzhen, China: