Discover the latest business opportunities & ideas in Hong Kong

Growing a business often means expanding it globally. Hong Kong business opportunities make it one of the best options. The state offers unparalleled benefits to new businesses. And we’re here to help you get set up to thrive. Read on for expert insights from STARTUPRIGHT and Sleek.

rc global business strategy discover the latest business opportunities and ideas in hong kong

Hong Kong market entry

It is incredibly easy to set up a business in Hong Kong – it can take just two days to complete. This process is made simpler with a business like Sleek, which helps you establish your business there.

Once set up, the landscape provides a good foundation for success. Hong Kong business opportunities allow for strong access to capital and there are many investors available.

Gateway to China

Hong Kong forms part of the ‘Greater Bay Area’, which is a Chinese government scheme to integrate it with other regions to form an economic business hub. These include Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Huizhou, Jiangmen, and Zhaoqing.

The location of Hong Kong, with an active and cooperative business relationship with China, makes it a great way for traders to get a foot into the Chinese market. Thus, it provides even more opportunity to grow and expand your business.

Economic benefits of Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a number of incredible economic benefits for a new business looking to establish itself in the region.

It is the world’s leading financial hub and enjoys a strategic location that is close to other economic superpowers on the Asian continent. It is also deemed to be the world’s freest economy.

Businesses can enjoy low taxation rates in Hong Kong, which helps to maximize income and margins. It’s also easy to access your money from outside Hong Kong with Payoneer.

The productive work culture and effective law system make it an easy landscape in which to operate and optimize results.

Frequently Asked Questions

To set up a business in Hong Kong, you will follow these steps:

  • Assemble documents (passport, proof of domicile) and pick a company name
  • Fill out relevant forms
  • Sign/submit the application electronically or in person
  • Wait for approval and business registration certificate

Hong Kong has a cooperative business with China and is strategically located. As such, Hong Kong-based businesses can easily access the Chinese market.

Hong Kong has low taxation rates. Businesses are not liable for sales tax, capital gains tax, or dividend tax.

The key industries in Hong Kong are financial services, tourism, trading and logistics, and professional and producer services.

When compared to other business hubs in Asia, Hong Kong offers an easier setup process, lower tax rates, and a strategic location to other key markets.

The Belt and Road Initiative was launched by the Chinese government to create economic cooperation between countries along the proposed routes. Hong Kong forms part of this and its established reputation as an international point of trade makes it a crucial part of the initiative.

Hong Kong has some of the highest net worth per capita in the world, so there is a wealth of funding and investors available to businesses. Networking in this space can help generate funding for a business.

With companies like Sleek, businesses have the necessary support to get set up in Hong Kong.

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