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Money transfered in just single day via @Payoneer in India.. Thanks guys.. Awesome service" - Gogan Talwar


First of all I would like to thank Payoneer for giving me a chance to try their new service in the Philippines. Good news to all filipino affiliates here. I would like to recommend you this new local Bank Transfer from Payoneer. Very smooth transaction! No hidden fees! as low as $5.95 you can now withdraw your funds directly to your local bank account..." - Robert Arvin


...That's true, that is the reason I don't use AlertPay anymore, I just can't get it verified, everything is blocked... Regarding my problem, I got my earnings with Payoneer LBT, no problems there." - Max Mentis


I want just to thank payoneer , you make lot of people arround the world happy .. so thanks for giving chances to millions people from the third world to aspire for a better life.." - Houcine Abarkan


Live Long PAYONEER. I WOULD'NT MAKE MUCH MONEY WITHOUT YOU. (sorry for caps but i have to say it loud) " - Steven King


You are simply awesome!!! just love your services. " - Usama Aziz


Thank you for your perfect service! Already use it more than 4 years. " - Oleg Galaburda


Rocks! " - Djordje Pivnicki


ilove u Payoneer :) " - Mary Grace Estrada


I am impressed with your services payoneer. i pray GOD that soon you shall become one of the world best payment, banking,and online payment services system " - Kingsley Nnamdi Okoli


Hi all Staff of Payonner, I'm your customer Helmi Attia. I would like you to thank you for what you do to help freelance writers around the world. I'm really grateful for what you've done to help me. Thanks to God and Payoneer, I will write online for various WebSites and lead better my life by earning extra money. If life would be more beautiful, it's thanks to Payoneer and its wonderful and helpful Staff. Again, thanks... 1000000000000000000000000000000000 Thanks. " - Helmi Attia


just love my Payoneer Master Card..... :) Its really easy and cheap service to get paid from overall the world :D Thanks for the greatest service ::))))) " - Priaum Talukder


Great solution both for partners and affiliates. " - Lior Libman


Thank you for your great service, you have given me a quick service. Thank you!" - Haryanti


I contacted their live support and had the luck to receive a great attention by a guy named Alfredo, even after assisting me he told me anytime I could contact him as he also speak Spanish, so, a good experience and a very helpful support guy,. Thanks" - Oscar.


I really do appreciate live answers instead of automated responses that makes me very happy this time. I am very happy too you will ship my Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard within 1-2 days" - Mike.