From launch to success: tips for eCommerce brands on Wayfair

Are you a home goods seller looking to connect with buyers? If so, Wayfair might be the perfect solution for you. Wayfair is the largest home goods supplier in the U.S. And we’re here to help ecommerce brands launch on the platform. So read on for tips on launching an ecommerce brand on Wayfair.

rc online selling and ecommerce from launch to success tips for ecommerce brands on wayfair

How do suppliers and sellers handle fulfillment?

Wayfair understands the importance of receiving products as quickly as possible, and this requires the sellers to have good fulfillment management.

The website features ‘speed badging’, which indicates which products can be delivered within three days of the completed order. Thus, Wayfair needs an idea of how long suppliers/sellers will take to ship products to assign these badges.

Sellers will need to have their own warehouse or use a third-party logistic partner to handle the shipping of their products.

The role of a 3PL partner in the U.S. for overseas suppliers

A reliable third-party logistic (3PL) provider for ecommerce in the U.S. works with international suppliers to ensure products are fulfilled on time. A good 3PL will help ensure your goods are shipped and delivered to customers timeously and reliably. This is key for customer satisfaction.

Your 3PL partner also needs to offer tracking analytics so that Wayfair can communicate the status of the order to the customer and keep them in the loop.

Why you need the right partner to break into the U.S market

Wayfair offers a fantastic platform for home goods entrepreneurs to enter the U.S. market, and sell their products.

But to sell successfully, you need a good 3PL partner to handle your international supply chain management. They will ensure everything runs smoothly and coordinate the order fulfillment process.

So, good partner selection for global ecommerce expansion is crucial.

A good partner is transparent and will have the necessary technology to share relevant information (accounts, inventory, etc.) with retailers. They also provide the link with quality shipment companies for fast and reliable delivery to customers.

Lastly, they communicate with Wayfair along the way so that the estimated delivery time is made clear to the customers.

All this ensures a more seamless and frictionless selling experience that keeps customers satisfied and boosts the success of your ecommerce business.

The importance of having a brand that reflects your products and mission

Brand identity and messaging for ecommerce sellers are key elements for product differentiation in the Wayfair marketplace.

Your brand needs to be very clear about your mission and how your products work to achieve this mission.

This makes the products clear to the online customer and also matches your brand with the right partners who can assist with selling your products on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can either reach out to an affiliated partner like Payoneer or apply directly on the Wayfair website. Requirements include signing agreements, agreeing to the business model, and having general liability insurance.

Wayfair has a logistics network, CastleGate, which is focused on medium to large products that sell well. As it is relatively small scale, they only accept certain suppliers.

Alternatively, sellers can use partners like AndMakers to handle the logistics.

A 3PL partner will handle domestic warehousing, overseas shipping and logistics for ecommerce. A good partner will assist in testing the market and building a strong buyer foundation for the seller. This makes launching your ecommerce brand on Wayfair much easier.

A strong brand with a clear mission is more likely to build a loyal customer base. It is crucial to make what you offer with your products very clear to the customers to help with product differentiation.

When launching your ecommerce brand on Wayfair, you need to ensure that your products fit into the home goods and furniture category.

You will need to have general liability insurance to cover anything going wrong in the purchasing and delivery process. Wayfair utilizes ‘dropshipping’ which means they do not own the seller’s inventory. It is simply used as a marketplace.

Sellers need to develop strong communication with their 3PL partners to ensure a good foundation in the US market. 

Brand identity and messaging for ecommerce needs to be strong, with a clear mission so that customers are certain of what is being offered and why they should buy it.

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