Gabriel Carrivale

CEO, Delrey Agency, Argentina & Ukraine

“Payoneer helped us in a great way. I see Payoneer as my partner, because they are always thinking about better solutions to provide me with a better service. They understand our business, so they create professional solutions adjusted to us, the generation of digital workers.”

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Payment solutions in the Ukraine were slow, expensive and complicated.

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Payoneer’s U.S. and EU Payment Services for receiving payments locally.

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Using Payoneer with 80% of clients, time and money saved, and the ability to work with companies in the U.S. and Europe.

I tried using other payment solutions…but I found them to be slow, expensive and complicated

My name is Gabriel Carrivale

and I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina but I currently live in Ukraine. I am the CEO of Delrey Agency, and also a developer that specializes in WordPress.

Before starting out as a freelancer, I was working as a web-designer in a company. I eventually decided that I didn’t want to spend all my life in the same place, doing the same routine every day. I wanted to be more independent while having financial freedom.

At the beginning I found work through freelance marketplaces, but later I began to build deeper customer relationships with my clients. Now I have my own company and a local team here in Ukraine that includes developers, designers and project managers and I also employ freelancers from other countries.

Before discovering Payoneer I tried using other payment solutions such as Western Union, Skrill and PayPal but I found them to be slow, expensive and complicated.

With payoneer there is a big difference because we can operate efficiently

The first time I used Payoneer was through When we started working with clients directly, we began to use Payoneer’s USD and Euro collection services for receiving payments as easily as if we had a bank account right there. The payment process is a key issue for our business because we work with clients from across the globe. With Payoneer, I enjoy getting paid for a project and then seeing my account balance online.

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