Abhishek Middha Founder, AND Exports & The Boho St. India
Gopal Yadav Founder & CEO, Aabhyasa Tech. India
Hooner Baweja Founder & CEO, Hothaat Marketplace India
Abhinav Gupta Architect, & Founder of Concretio Apps India
Kushal Raha CEO & Co-Founder of Host4Geeks LLC India
Joachim Sebastian Founder, Kismet Decals Malaysia
Kok Mun Lee Founder & MD, Luxurious Craving
Takahiro Ogawa Online Seller Japan
Jinwon Jang CEO, Gtory South Korea
Gabriel Carrivale CEO, Delery Agency Argentina & Ukraine
Toan Thang Affiliate Marketer Vietnam
Eduardo Grude Co-Founder, GrudeWeb, LLC Venezuela
Eita Kino Online Seller Japan
Victor Torres Stock Photographer Spain
Mohamad Eldeeb Multimedia Freelancer Egypt
Ahmed Feki Freelancer on Upwork & Amazon Seller Tunisia
Oussama Kotaich Freelance Graphic Designer Lebanon
Arif Malik CEO, Design Guru Communications Pakistan
Zhou Li Fei Online Seller China
Le Ngoc Hung T-Shirt Seller on Teespring Vietnam
Allan Donato Co-founder, EASE Technology Solutions Philippines
Young Kook Jang Amazon Online Seller Korea
Takayuki Eiki CEO, Langrey Inc Ehime, Japan
Payoneer is available in more than 90% of countries in the world, so if we plan to expand in almost any country, we can do it through Payoneer.
Using Payoneer, we have bank accounts in countries including the US, the Eurozone, the UK, and Canada. Because of Payoneer, our payment growth is 35% now. I would also recommend Payoneer’s customer services – it’s the best.
Using Payoneer has been one of the best things that has happened to our business this year. The Store Manager feature has helped us consolidate all our payments onto one platform and has significantly shorten our payment realization time.
Payoneer is a great solution because it’s a safe and convenient way to receive and withdraw payments with low transaction fees. They understand my business and create professional solutions adjusted to us, the generation of digital workers.
I can summarize how Payoneer’s help me in three words: simple, hassle-free, low cost. Since we started using Payoneer, our monthly transactions have increased! Without Payoneer, we would probably still be jumping through loops and hoops to get our hard earned money.
Payoneer’s Global Payment Service allows us have bank accounts in various countries and has given us access to millions of customers within the Amazon network. We have witnessed a 300% growth in payments since, with a five figure monthly revenue.
Being part of the Payoneer PLUS program has given me access to lower fees and dedicated service, among many other perks. It has given a huge boost to my business, which I did not expect. This has opened my doors to expanding my business worldwide.
Thanks to Payoneer, I can now concentrate on growing my business, and also have time to spend at home with my family.
With Payoneer, it only takes a few clicks and within 2-3 days, funds are transferred to my Korean bank account. This brought massive changes to my business as 90% of unnecessary processes were reduced!
Payoneer helped us in a great way. I see Payoneer as my partner, because they are always thinking about better solutions to provide me with a better service. They understand our business, so they create professional solutions tailored to us - the generation of digital workers.
Payoneer simplifies the process to of transferring money from American/European companies to my bank account in Vietnam very easily and quickly.
I can honestly say that Payoneer has changed my life! My biggest problem has been solved, and I can now withdraw money that I received online through the US Payment Service, without having to incur any expenses, like depositing money to open such an account.
For these reasons and more, I can say that Payoneer is an effective and successful way to expand business your overseas.
First I used PayPal, but switched to Payoneer because they offer more possibilities to collect payment, and their service fees are also lower.
With Payoneer, I can receive my payments in fast and secure way to either to a prepaid MasterCard or to my local bank.
I’m really satisfied with Payoneer’s service, I recommend it to anyone who wants to run a business online, especially for people who live in a country with limited opportunities
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Payoneer saved me a lot of time, a lot of hassle, and a lot of energy.
Since I joined Payoneer, I have used it daily to receive funds from companies around the globe. Whether you are like me and need to receive payments in US Dollars, or are an affiliate through companies like cj.com, or an etailer selling on Amazon, Wish or Etsy, or working part-time as a freelancer for foreign companies, Payoneer should be your first choice.
With Payoneer, I can receive money within only 3-5 days and there is no limit on the amount of money I can receive. I use Payoneer’s services to receive money from CJ and other websites.
Thanks to Payoneer, I was able to accelerate the growth of our company, and the average monthly revenue has increased by almost 500% over the past few years.
If you are an Asian seller looking to sell on Amazon, Payoneer is a must. It helped me increase my sales by approximately 30%
Without Payoneer, I could not have expanded my business as much as I have.