Ahmed Feki

Freelancer on Upwork & Amazon Seller, Tunisia
I’m really satisfied with Payoneer’s service, I recommend it to anyone who wants to run a business online, especially for people who live in a country with limited opportunities.

Finding a solution to receive money from oDesk and Amazon in Tunisia


Payoneer global collection accounts


Transferring oDesk earnings to U.S. and EU collection accounts, enabling to expand the Amazon business in the US & EU.

It’s almost impossible to get an international credit card

My name is Ahmed Feki and I have been an oDesk freelancer since 2009, specializing in developing websites and Web APP & ERP. After oDesk became my primary job and I started making good profits I decided to start working on Amazon as a Magic mug seller in 2013.

Here in Tunisia it’s almost impossible to get an international credit card. After countless meetings with many bank managers I discovered that this option is given only for businessmen, while I’m just a man looking for a solution to make my internet business idea thrive.

My success story started when I heard about Payoneer

My success story started when I heard about Payoneer from a close friend who is also using Payoneer to manage his online business. This was really my lucky day! Payoneer helped me find oDesk, the best opportunity I have ever found, where I can easily make money by selling my programming skills.

Payoneer helps me receive and withdraw my money

As you may know, PayPal in Tunisia has very limited service with no option to withdraw money. Payoneer makes it possible by helping me receive and withdraw my money from oDesk and Amazon in my country. When I discovered the Amazon selling opportunity, I could buy products and resell them, however I could not withdraw my money from Amazon since I do not have U.S. bank account. After a while, it seemed that Payoneer thought about me when they launched the U.S. Payment Service, and it became my lucky day! I received a U.S. collection account number from Payoneer and I began to transfer my oDesk earnings to the U.S. selling business channel on Amazon U.S. – that’s how I became a seller on Amazon. My next lucky day came while I was thinking to extend my U.S. Amazon business to Amazon Europe, and I faced the same problem: how to withdraw my money to an EU bank account. But as always Payoneer’s magic worked again and they launched the EU Payment Service, through which I received an EU collection account that allowed me to extend my sales to Amazon.uk, Amazon.it, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de and Amazon.es…Enormous opportunities are awaiting! Payoneer deserves all the credit for making me a lucky professional.

I’m really satisfied with Payoneer’s service, I recommend it to anyone who wants to run a business online, especially for people who live in a country with limited opportunities. If you don’t have an online business opportunity yet, you can start working with Payoneer’s Mass Payout partners and start your journey to success.

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