Walmart Marketplace Merchant cash flow solution

Working Capital for Walmart Marketplace Sellers

Walmart Marketplace Sellers can get up to $750K in instant funding to grow their business and manage their store cash flow with Payoneer Capital Advance.

Are you a Walmart seller? If you said yes, you already know how important working capital can be as you juggle your inventory, advertising, and day-to-day expenses. That’s why we designed Capital Advance with sellers like you in mind. Capital Advance is available at three levels, with each new level featuring bigger amounts, longer settlement periods, and more offers to choose from.



No credit checks

Based on your store performance, you’ll receive offers for up to 140% of your monthly marketplace payouts. Skip the paperwork!

Up to $750,000 instantly

Once approved,* funds hit your Payoneer account in minutes and you can withdraw them or make payments directly with just a few clicks.

Always have the funds you need

We only collect a percentage of your future marketplace payouts to go easy on your cash flow until you’re fully settled.

Choose your growth plan

Add flexibility to your cash flow with one of three funding options that meet different cash flow needs after we get to know your business.

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*Eligibility requirements for Payoneer’s Capital Advance apply.

Here’s how the settlement works


Use our working capital calculator to get an estimate in just a few clicks.

Estimate Your Offer


  • Give Walmart consent to share your business metrics with Payoneer.

  • We’ll only use these metrics to calculate your working capital offers

  • Accept your first offer and get ready for business growth!


What is Payoneer’s Capital Advance?

It’s a working capital solution for eCommerce sellers with Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair stores available in USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, and MXN. Payoneer purchases a part of your future account receivables equivalent to the Capital Advance amount plus a fixed fee (the settlement amount). Once accepted, the Capital Advance funds becomes available instantly.

How many kinds of Capital Advance are there?

There are three Capital Advance products; Express (1-month), Grow (3-months), and Plus (6-months). As you continue to accept and settle your offers, you can become eligible for higher levels of Capital Advance, featuring bigger offers and longer settlement periods. You’ll also have the flexibility to choose between previous levels based on your cash flow needs at the time.

How does Payoneer determine the amount of working capital offered via Capital Advance?

The amount of working capital offered to merchants is based on the historical sales performance of the associated Walmart and Amazon stores, as well as predicted future sales. The maximum we offer is up to 140% of your store’s monthly volume (capped at $750,000). Read more about the benefits of connecting your store.

What is the Capital Advance fee?

The fee we charge for a Capital Advance is a small, fixed percentage of the Capital Advance amount. The fee, along with the working capital amount, are together called the settlement amount. It’s as simple as that – no surprises.

How does Payoneer collect the settlement amount?

Payoneer collects a portion of each marketplace payment you receive from the store associated with the Capital Advance. The gradual collection continues until the full settlement amount has been collected, so you have cashflow for your day-to-day operating expenses. Once an offer is settled, eligible sellers will receive new Capital Advance offers immediately.

You can also see our full Capital Advance FAQ here.

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*This web page is provided for general informational purposes only. All information contained herein is provided in good faith, however, we make no warranty of any kind regarding validity or your eligibility for the offer and Payoneer reserves the right to amend the information from time to time in its full discretion. Final terms and conditions will be concluded upon acceptance of the final offer that is offered by us to you via applicable Terms and Conditions and Transaction Summary.