Payoneer saved me a lot of time, a lot of hassle, and a lot of energy.


Tracking international money transfers, high fees.


The Payoneer account and Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® card


Ability to work with companies across the globe, accelerated company growth

With My Bank and Wire Transfer We Faced Problems like Delays, Which of Course Effected Our Operations

My name is Arif Malik and I am CEO and owner of Design Guru Communications – a full service advertising agency that offers almost all communications solutions to its clients worldwide.
I have always aspired to have a business of my own and during my business establishment stages trends were changing fast. Everything seemed to move towards Internet and Social Media, so I chose to adapt the change. I observed, studied, learned the methods and understood how things work.

At the beginning, I registered at Elance as a company with a team of 4. When we started the online work there were different payment methods we had to choose from. Initially we were hesitant about most of them and tried the old school “wire transfer”. However, we faced problems with my bank and wire transfers such as delays, which of course effected our operations. Also, when we used wire transfer, we were never certain about the timeframe for receipt of our payments. Sometimes it took days, sometimes weeks.

Also, the amount of funds we transfer has continuously grown, and we needed to find a payment solution that covered all of our needs.

After the First Time I Used Payoneer I Realized How Simple and Easy It Is to Get Paid

The decision to try Payoneer was one of the best decisions of my whole experience as a CEO of Design Guru Communications. After I used Payoneer for the first time, I realized how simple and easy it is to get paid. Payoneer saved me a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of fees I would have paid for other payment methods. I can now concentrate on my work rather than taking care of the money matters.

We transfer thousands of dollars every month and with PAYONEER it just takes 2 minutes before I receive a confirmation email. Payoneer supports transfer of payments directly to a personal or business bank accounts OR to my Payoneer MasterCard card, which I can use for shopping – any shop, every mall, petrol stations, I can buy stuff online, and I can also withdraw cash from any ATM anywhere in the world.

Four Years Later and My Company has Grown over 500%

It has been 4 years since I opened Design Guru Communications, and we now employ 26 graphic designers, web designers, web developers, application developers,
video editors, animators – just name a task, and we have a resource, all under one roof.
Thanks to Payoneer, I was able to receive funds from clients across the globe quickly and easily, and I could always track the money – no more guessing when the funds will arrive. Without Payoneer I’m positive my company would not have grown the way it has.