Accept, send & withdraw payments in Pakistan

Payoneer provides you with the tools and services to effectively manage your incoming and outgoing business payments. Our suite of services, which includes local receiving accounts, currency conversions and multiple ways to use your funds, ensures you’re able to grow your business in Pakistan and beyond.

Business account key features

Receive payments

Local Receiving Accounts

Get local bank account details in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Read More

Multi Payment Options

Allow your clients to pay you via credit card, local bank transfer or SWIFT (wire). Read More

Track Your Payments

Get full transparency into where your payment is and when it will arrive. Read More

Use your funds

Convert Funds To Different Currencies

Ensure you have the currency you need for your payments. Read More

Make Business Payments

Pay your developers, designers and business partners from your Payoneer balance FREE OF CHARGE. Read More

Withdraw To Your Pakistani Bank Account

Access your funds anytime in PKR and other currencies. Read More

Enabling Global Business Transactions in Pakistan

Receiving accounts act just like local bank accounts, making it easier for your international clients and marketplaces to pay you via local bank transfer. Additionally, you’re able to invoice your clients in advance to help guarantee you get paid on time. After you get paid, you’ll be able to withdraw your funds straight to your Pakistani bank account or JazzCash account.

Do you need to make a business payment? Convert funds with ease and pay your service providers and contractors in their local currencies. Best of all, payments to other Payoneer users are free!

Why Businesses in Pakistan Choose Payoneer

Global Reach

Receive and send payments in 200+ countries.


Receive payments faster, as if you were paid locally.


Accept payments in multiple currencies, choose how to use your funds.

Low Fees

Save on FX and transfer costs, and pay developers and business partners FREE OF CHARGE.

Trusted by Millions of Customers, Chosen by Leading Marketplaces


Local Receiving Accounts

Local receiving accounts act just like local bank accounts which makes it easy for international clients and marketplaces to pay you via local bank transfer.

Receive payments in USD, EUR, GPB, JPY, AUD, CAD, HKD, SGD to your Payoneer account.

Connect to 100+ marketplaces including Upwork, Fiverr, and Toptal to receive payments in Pakistan using your account details wherever you are in the world.

Multi Payment Options

Offer Clients Multiple Payment Options

Clients around the world have specific payment preferences. Allow them to pay with Credit Card, ACH bank debit, SWIFT (wire) or local bank transfer.

Send Payment Requests

Send a payment request with multiple payment options. Your clients will receive the request via email and can pay you online using their most convenient payment method.

Make Business Payments

Pay your developers, designers and business partners efficiently in a few clicks from your Payoneer account.

Payments To Bank Accounts

Pay your developers via bank transfers and send up to 200 payments at once directly to your recipients’ bank account.

Payments To Payoneer Accounts

Payments to Payoneer accounts are FREE OF CHARGE and made within 2 hours!

Convert Funds To Different Currencies

Pay Contractors In Their Local Currency

With our currency-conversion services, you can convert 150+ currencies.

Convert Funds In Minutes

Ensure you always have the currencies needed for your global payments. Converted funds appear in your balance in minutes.

Save On Costs, Get Full Transparency

We use the applicable market rate and our low 0.5% fee of the amount transferred is automatically deducted so you always know exactly how much you’re going to receive.

Withdrawal to Your Local Bank or JazzCash Account

Withdraw to your funds in PKR to your local bank account in Pakistan

Convert Your Earnings

Convert earnings to your local currency and get full transparency about the conversion fees.

Add Multiple Bank Accounts

Connect your Payoneer account to multiple bank accounts and JazzCash accounts.

Schedule Withdrawals

Set monthly, weekly, or instant automatic withdrawal schedules.

Track Your Payments

View Your Transactions

Easily view and manage your transactions, including incoming payments, outgoing payments, point-of-sale card transactions, ATM withdrawals and withdrawals to your JazzCash account and withdrawals to your local Pakistani bank account.

Get Paid On-time

Send payment requests in advance and reminders to receive payments on time.

Attach Invoices

Attach invoices, contracts, designs, and more, to your payment requests.

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Payoneer makes it easy to build confidence with clients by allowing them to make payments within their region in their own currency. International payments would also bounce back to client’s account, but now with Payoneer, we have complete control of international transfers to our local bank accounts.

Hisham Malik, CEO, Arkhitech

I have been using Payoneer for the last 2 years and the service which I like the most is Global Payment Service. I have been able to receive and send payment to our client and vendors across the globe. Payoneer really helps us to grow from a small center to reputable international BPO organisation.

Omer Bin Tariq, Merkavoix

Since we have started using Payoneer we have seen 300% business growth, because we are now making timely payments to our suppliers and receiving all our items on time. Our customers are also receiving their products on time due to which we are getting very good feedback and our customers base is growing.

Muhammad Sabbayal, Founder & CEO Softogix International


What payment methods are available to my clients and what are the fees?

Credit/Debit Card*ACH bank debitLocal bank transferWire transfer (SWIFT)Payoneer balance
Fees (% of payment)3%0-1%USD: 1%** Other currencies: 0%Free***Free

* MasterCard, Visa, American Express

** Free for Payoneer’s account holder (recipient) in Japan, India, South Korea, Thailand, UK and USA.

*** Extra fees can be charged by intermediary banks but are not known by Payoneer in advance

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Which international clients can pay me?

Credit/Debit Card1ACH bank debitLocal bank transferWire transfer (SWIFT)Payoneer balance
Can be used by (payment initiators)Individuals and Companies worldwideIndividuals and Companies in the US onlyCompanies in the country of the receiving account1Companies worldwidePayoneer account holders worldwide

* US company when the Payoneer’s account holder (recipient) has a local receiving account in the US, European company when the Payoneer’s account holder (recipient) has a local receiving account in Europe etc.

How fast are the payments?

Credit/Debit Card1ACH bank debitLocal bank transferWire transfer (SWIFT)Payoneer balance
Payment received within (estimated)2 calendar days5 business days1-3 business days1-2 business days2 hours
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Are there additional fees associated with the service I should be aware of?

All the fees are detailed here.

Do I automatically receive local receiving accounts?

Depending on your geographic location, you may automatically receive a US and UK receiving accounts. Receiving additional local receiving accounts depends on eligibility.