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Grow Globally

Today’s gaming world is truly international with video game developers, live-streamers, and publishers located around the world. It’s time for your payment platform to catch up, so let us help you pay your gamers, from Aruba to Zimbabwe and (nearly) everywhere in between.


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Diverse Payment Methods

All markets and businesses are unique, and the gaming industry is no exception. We have a variety of partner banks and payment providers to find the best fit for your payout needs and our recent entrance into merchant services allows us to offer more payment options for your gamers.


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Fraud Protection

Protect your business from threats at every level of your payment flow by analyzing every transaction and the user behind it in real-time.


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Streamlined Processes

Automate your complex payment processes internally while optimizing the end-to-end payment experience for digital gamers.


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Our global banking and payment networks stretch around the world so we can support you and your artists no matter where they are. Here are the highlights:






Countries with Local Clearing


Countries with 2+ Banking Partners


Countries with 3+ Banking Partners


Funding Currencies


Global Coverage

Estimates indicate that almost half of consumer spending on games will come from China and the U.S. in 2020, but projects that future growth will be driven by emerging market regions including Latin America and Asia-Pacific, which means companies will need ways to distribute payments all around the world. The standard process of distributing payments is slow and unreliable, but here at Payoneer, we’re changing that. Our platform gives publishers, developers, and live-streaming platforms a simplified way to support payments to over 200 countries. In addition to streamlining your existing payout needs, our services enable you to safely expand into new markets without the need for complex integrations.

Diverse Payment Methods

Game providers shouldn’t underestimate the importance of offering multiple payment providers: research from PayPal shows that 50 percent of gamers will abandon an online purchase if their preferred payment method is not offered and we can enable you to accept multiple popular methods of payment. On the receiving end, your customers have options as well. They can receive funds through a Prepaid MasterCard® which they can conveniently be used online, at stores, and at ATMs to make withdrawals. Payoneer also supports local bank transfers in over 100 currencies around the world, with funds being cleared in as quick as one business day. We can also facilitate payments to a Payoneer account where the customer can use his funds in more ways.

Fraud Management

Fraudulent activity in gaming ranges from fake accounts and account takeover (ATO), to selling real in-game assets acquired through shady means, to phishing schemes. It’s vital for game providers to protect themselves, their partners, and end-users/gamers, otherwise trust will be lost. Our fraud protection extends from identifying and validating transaction information to tracing the entities money flow and profiling user behavior patterns. When partnered with Payoneer you are guaranteeing that your payee disbursements are made through a fully compliant, secure, and regularly audited payment platform that is recognized and valued by financial regulators around the world.

Streamlined Processes

Many gamers say that enjoyment is a key motivator for spending more money on downloads or on in-game payments. Therefore, it goes without saying that game providers need to ensure that their players’ payment experience is fast and friction-free. The more time they spend playing, the more likely they will be to make more purchases. When it comes to your payment processing and infrastructure, there are a lot of moving parts. Our platform can help you get a handle on the bigger picture while reducing the friction throughout your experience. We can also provide you with the flexibility to adopt new payment methods and providers to support the preferences of your gamers.


Mass Payouts

Simplify the way you pay your customers/payees and get added value from our risk and fraud prevention services and more.
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Fraud Prevention

Our compliance and risk procedures are best-in-class and you can leverage them to keep your business clean and safe.
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Robust API Technology

Flexible integration and scalability are right around the corner with a user friendly interface and a comprehensive set of functions.
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Merchant Services

Our acquisition of optile, the leading payment orchestration platform, opens the door for a comprehensive end-to-end payment solution.
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