The Payoneer Collection API allows you to automatically debit a consenting Payoneer user’s balance, removing the hassle of managing payments. This is a great way to make it simple for your payees – not only can they use Payoneer to withdraw their earnings, but also can use their Payoneer balance to pay for other services and fees on your platform. Your payees can opt-in to make ongoing payments from their Payoneer account for free while you benefit from the peace of mind of instant payment collections.


Eliminate Chargebacks & Enjoy Immediate Settlements

Leverage the ability to authorize payments directly by the payee when balances exist, effectively removing the risks associated with chargebacks

Integrate Easily with Our RESTful API

Enjoy seamless integration of Payoneer’s RESTful API, specifically designed to help companies with minimal technical effort on their end

Minimize Fees for You and Your Payees

Lower operating costs by charging only a small percentage fee per successful transaction with Payoneer’s competitive rates


  • You integrate the “Collect with Payoneer” API into your platform

  • Your users connect their Payoneer account to your platform

  • Once connected, users choose “Pay with Payoneer” to authorize their payments

  • Users enter the amount and approve the transaction, enabling you to automatically debit directly from their balance


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