With 3 simple steps you can reduce, consolidate and give transparency to your accounts payable workload:


Embed the Payoneer “signup” iframe into the payments area of your website, so users can register directly from your own environment to receive payments through Payoneer. Or manually send your payees a signup link from within your Payoneer mass payout admin area.

Existing Payoneer users can easily link their Payoneer account to yours by entering the email address associated with their Payoneer account.

All linked users will show up as payees in your Payoneer mass payout account.


Fund your Payoneer mass payout account by sending the total amount you wish to pay to one of our trusted bank accounts. Your balance will be updated within a day.


For integrated partners, you simply initiate a payment API call to our payment engine. Alternately, through your Payoneer mass payout admin area you can upload a csv file with payment instructions or select the users who need to get paid, enter the amount and click ‘Pay’.

All this is done in your reconciliation currency. We will automatically convert the funds to the users’ selected currency.

The funds land in your payees’ Payoneer accounts within minutes from you initiating the payment.

The payees decide how to withdraw their funds: to their local bank account in their local currency, to a Payoneer prepaid MasterCard® card or to other Payoneer user, for free.