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Our core obligation at Payoneer is to protect your funds and prevent money laundering. When partnering with Payoneer you are guaranteed that all of your payee disbursements are made through a fully compliant, secure and tightly audited payments platform that is recognized and valued by financial regulators all around the world.




Payoneer operates under a robust, risk-based compliance program that addresses the regulatory requirements of each country that is involved in a cross border payment that we make. KYC requirements are audited regularly by third parties and are a core competency of Payoneer. Our anti money laundering policies and procedures are based on fundamentals from the FATF-GAFI, EU, and US regulations. Payoneer follows a detailed KYC/CIP process that varies according to payment option and country. Your payee information submitted during registration is screened against many sanction lists including OFAC SDN, PEP, HMT, RES 1988, AQ and CFSP and others.


At the core of Payoneer is a comprehensive risk management and fraud investigation process. Payoneer deploys multiple layers of risk technology, both in-house and 3rd party, alongside various procedures to protect your business and Payoneer against different fraud scenarios such as registration fraud, account takeover and other activities. Third party tools are implemented at various layers of our platform including: 41stParameter, RSA Adaptive Authentication, MaxMind, AU10TIX, InRule, IDChecker, G2 Web Services, IBM content analytics and others.

Selection of our vendor risk technologies


  • PCI Level 1 Certified
  • Regular audits for US and EU licenses
  • Annual and quarterly financial audits