The prepaid MasterCard® card option is ideal for companies and marketplaces wanting to give their payees immediate and flexible access to their funds, even if they don’t have a bank account.

As a mass payment client of Payoneer, you can easily send funds to your payees’ Payoneer Account, from which they can load their funds onto their Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® card. The withdrawal options gives them the flexibility to decide how they want to use the funds – by spending them online, in stores, or withdrawing cash from ATMs worldwide – in their local currency.




Zhou Li Fei Online Seller
Allan Donato Co-founder, EASE Technology Solutions Philippines
Young Kook Jang Amazon Online Seller Korea
Arif Malik CEO, Design Guru Communications Pakistan
With my Payoneer MasterCard® card I can shop online all around the world to purchase personal items, book hotels, buy domains/ hosting services, and many other things that help my business run.
I signed up to Payoneer in 2009 when I was still a freelancer, and I‘ve been using the Payoneer MasterCard® ever since. It’s a great way to receive my funds quickly.
I use my Payoneer MasterCard® card to withdraw money from my local ATM so that I can access my money whenever I need, regardless of whether it is the weekend, a national holiday or outside of bank working hours.
Payoneer supports transfer of payments directly to a personal or business bank account OR to my Payoneer MasterCard® card, which I can use for shopping online or at stores, and I can also withdraw cash from any ATM anywhere in the world


By partnering with Payoneer, you may be eligible to offer your payees a branded card. This type of card provides them with a strong association with your brand, as they use it on a daily basis for their purchases.