Payoneer Travel

A safe & cost effective solution for handling expenses away from home

Use your Prepaid Debit Card when
traveling worldwide!

  • Can easily be reloaded with funds and cannot be overdrawn
  • Access to funds and account information 24/7
  • Can be used online, in stores, and at ATMs worldwide
  • Receive a replacement card immediately if lost or stolen
  • 24/7 multilingual customer support
they say
about us
“I heard about the prepaid debit card on my trip. I was so glad that I signed up, it made buying things so much easier! The customer service is spectacular and I encourage fellow travelers to sign up for the card. Thanks again!”
Sonny Kugelman; Cleveland, Ohio
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How it Works

Receive a registration link from your travel program and sign up for a Prepaid Debit Card
Once approved, load money to the card by visiting this page
Use the card in stores, online and at ATMs worldwide