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Payoneer has announced that it is helping direct selling industry leaders to pay their international distributors.

Private Loading to Your Card

Flexible Payment for Freelancing & Affiliate Work

Whether you are a freelancer or an affiliate, quick and flexible payment is critical to your success. With Payoneer's Private Loading Service, money can be easily loaded to your Payoneer account anytime. It is a secure, flexible way to receive earnings from individuals and companies.

How to Determine Eligibility

Our Payment Approval Department reviews each individual private-load card to determine its eligibility - this step is critical in protecting the security of our users. Payoneer reserves the right to decline private loads, and to apply specific requirements and limitations on a case-by-case basis. As a prerequisite of approval for the Private Loading Service, you must have an active Payoneer account that receives payments from any of Payoneer's official partners or the U.S. Payment Service.

Benefits of the Private Loading Service

  • Receive payments via Visa, MasterCard®, or U.S. ACH (for U.S. cardholders only)
  • Funds available within two business days of approval
  • Use your Payoneer card to make purchases online, in stores, and at ATMs worldwide

Discover the Freedom of Private Loading

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