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Send Instant Payments to Freelancers Around the World

Payoneer provides a fast, flexible, secure, low cost payment solution that transcends geographical boundaries and enables freelance marketplaces such as oDesk, Elance, and to send funds to their freelancers easily and quickly.

Freelancers in countries worldwide including Brazil, Russia, India, and China encounter difficulties when attempting to receive global payments because they do not have access to U.S.-affiliated banks. Global transfers and check processing are very expensive. Payoneer provides freelance marketplaces the tools to send quicker, easier and lower-cost payments to their freelancers across the globe.

Why Freelance Marketplaces Choose Payoneer

  • Easy - Send mass payouts to freelancers worldwide using Payoneer's all-in-one cross-border platform
  • Flexible - Offer your freelancers a variety of payout methods including prepaid debit cards, global bank transfers, local eWallets, and international checks
  • Low-Cost - Avoid excessive fees involved in international wires
  • Secure and Compliant - Payoneer is a licensed and registered e-Money issuer (EU) and Money Service Business (US)

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