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Payoneer has announced that it is helping direct selling industry leaders to pay their international distributors.

Direct Sales Payment Solutions

Streamline Your Domestic and International Commission Payouts

Thanks to advanced online technologies, the sales industry is no longer limited by geographical boundaries. Any salesperson can connect with prospective buyers and distributors around the world. However, border-free selling can present some big challenges when it comes to paying and getting paid-and that's where Payoneer comes in.

Using Payoneer's turnkey payment solution, a sales company or an individual sales professional can conduct business seamlessly in more than 200 countries. Send payments and receive funds-to more than 200 countries in 70 currencies and 18 languages-with no hassle, no exorbitant fees, and no delays.

Benefits of Using Payoneer for Sales

  • Easy web-based enrollment and seamless integration with existing back-office systems
  • Distributors can easily withdraw money, receive checks, or accept direct transfers in their local currency
  • Fully managed payment administration and real-time reports remove the burden from your customer service team
  • Faster payment motivates distributors to spend more time selling and recruiting
  • Multilingual customer support via live chat, email, phone, and online forums

Expertise, Technology & Peace of Mind

Don't subject your distributors to excessive fees and lengthy delays. Payoneer's convenient, cost-effective payout and commission delivery options help increase the efficiency and profitability of your sales operations. Contact us to learn more about how easy it can be to run a global business.