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Transfer Funds to Payoneer Accounts

The Easy Way to Send & Receive Money

Do you have suppliers, vendors, or affiliates who are also using Payoneer for their global payout needs? With Payoneer's Account-to-Account Transfer service, you can instantly send and receive funds to any other account holder. With more than 2 million account holders worldwide, this service provides an unprecedented opportunity to make payments simpler and more affordable.

Benefits of Account-to-Account Transfer

  • Free transfers save you money
  • Quick availability of funds, within 2 hours of initiating the transfer
  • Use your funds in the way that best meets your needs

Get Started Today

Transfer funds to other Payoneer accounts through your existing Payoneer account.  Simply log in, go to the "Withdrawal" menu, and select "To another Payoneer account". Additional information, including transfer limits and FAQs, are available on your Payoneer account*.

Contact Payoneer to learn more about Account-to-Account Transfers.

*Money share is not permitted in India due to local laws